In Spain, began to fall in unemployment. Season or trend?

As in all tourist countries, where the summer holidays like pore harvest in Spain as it approaches the “top of the summer in May increased employment is in fact the tourism sector and in industries that are somehow related to the servicing of visitors. The total number of unemployed in the country on June 1 totaled 4,189, 659 people, which is 79, 701 fewer than April.

According to Labor Ministry of Spain, the last time such a substantial increase in employment was noted in 1997. Among men, unemployment has decreased by 2.64% (or 55, 890 people in absolute terms), and among women at 1.11% (or 23, 811 seniors and senoritas in absolute terms). However, in comparison with 2010, the year that May was not as generous for the vacancy, as the last. In May last year all the labor exchange has been reduced by 123, 457 people or 3.04%.

However, the seemingly good compared to this year 2010 is was almost a precipice in comparison with 2009. The fall of the most important indicator of the labor market was 12,3%.

But back to the just departed by May, and consider the dynamics through the lens of age categories. Compared with April, unemployment vmae:

- Youth under 25 years decreased by 16, 896 persons (-3.61%)

- Among the population older than 25 years it decreased by 62, 805 persons (-1.65%)

According to the opposition People’s Party, there is a simple manipulations figures from the Ministry of Labour. Traditional boundaries between youth and older generation passes through 30 years of age, and Labor Socialist government held her there, where labor market situation in Spain appears most favorable.

The distribution of positive developments of the labor market by sector:

- Service industry: the growth of employment 34, 613 persons, or -1.39%

- Construction: 20, 922 persons, or -2.75%

- Industry: 10, 663 people, or -2.13%

- Agriculture: 5, 059 people, or -3.58%.

The distribution of positive developments on the labor market autonomous regions.

Do not reduce unemployment in the Spanish enclaves in Africa: Ceuta (Ceuta) work have lost 928 men and Melilla (Melilla) – 82 people. Most of all to reduce unemployment, the most distinguished tourist Andalusia (Andalucia), which got a job to 20, 259 people more than resigned; on Belaeskih Islands (Islas Baleares), which settled down to work on 6, 854 more people than resigned, in Catalonia (Cataluna) where got a job to 6, 199 people more than quit.

The distribution of positive developments of the labor market to the provinces. Distinguished 50 provinces. Most distinguished: Malaga (Malaga), which were arranged to work on 5, 607 more people than quit and Seville (Sevilla), which settled down to work on 4, 904 more people than quit.

Almost simultaneously with the publication of intelligence Labor Ministry of Spain, but one day earlier, on 31 May, the statistical agency of the European Commission issued a report according to which unemployment in the euro area in April, unchanged compared with March and amounted to 9,9%. The number of unemployed in the 17 euro zone countries was 15.53 million people. This figure remains the highest in Spain – 20,7%, the lowest – in the Netherlands and Austria – 4.2%. In general, the 27 EU countries the unemployment rate in April fell to 9.4% compared to 9,5% in March.

Finally, the steps are marked by a five-year visas to the EU for the Russians!

The European Union signed an agreement with Russia that in 2-3 years, more precisely, when it performed a number of one-to conditions, as citizens of the Russian Federation and EU passport holders will be able to obtain long-term, five-year, entry visas for crossing the contracting parties. This was announced at a press conference the director of the Department of European Cooperation Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Vladimir Voronkov.

‘He said: “We were able to agree that in principle we will be more on both sides to move to a five-year visas. The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry has not designated a specific day or even a particular year, when the start issuing “LPs” visas. He limited himself to stating that the transition due to a number of obstacles that will be corrected in the next 2-3 years. Literally: “This process goes, he is now intensified and, hopefully, will end soon. Perhaps this is the year-two-three, in some such period of time. ”

Asked about the progress of negotiations on visa-free regime, the official Foreign Ministry said that as of today, the negotiations continue to be in its infancy. Literally: “This is the first step, which does not specify the time when our citizens to travel to European countries without obtaining visas.”

Mr Voronkov told reporters pursued the parties work on drafting a bilateral instrument of the document, which has the working title of “joint efforts”. The document provides several steps that are required dldya introduction of visa-free regime. It is the harmonization of the degrees of protection against forgery of documents, and on combating illegal migration, the introduction of adequate public order and the development of political relations. These topics will be discussed at the summit of the EU – Russia in mid-June 2011 in Nizhny Novgorod.

According to a statement Voronkov, Russia, unlike Ukraine, does not intend to introduce visa-free regime unilaterally. Literally: “mirror – one of the principles of the Russian diplomacy.” Nevertheless, do not exclude the possibility of open borders for EU citizens held in the Russian major sports. Such a regime, in all likelihood, will affect not only the Europeans

Banque Societe Generale Vostok joined the program of preferential car loan

Banque Societe Generale Vostok starts issuing credits under the program car loan with the state subsidizing of interest rates.

As told in the bank press-service, “Societe Generale Vostok will provide auto loans with interest on the loan subsidized by the state amounting to 2 / 3 of the refinancing rate for the entire term to maturity of the loan. “At present, the CBR refinancing rate is 9% per annum, therefore, the loan will be cheaper for customers by 6 percentage points,” – said in a statement.

Loans under this program are available to purchase new cars of foreign brands produced in Russia, from the number approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, for up to 3 years. In this case, the cost of the vehicle should not exceed 600 thousand rubles, and the client in this case should make 15% as a down payment. The interest rate for a client is defined as the difference between the rate prevailing in the bank at the time of approval of the loan, and 2 / 3 CBR refinancing rate at the date of the loan.

According to agency “Interfax-CEA, on July 1, 2009 assets of ZAO” KAB “Banque Societe Generale Vostok is 173 billion rubles (20 place across Russia). A credit institution – member of the system of deposit insurance.

About the upcoming crisis in the U.S.

Now that a discussion regarding the situation of the United States and the possibility of default, then inserted and I have my two cents worth.

1. I am always surprised by the comparison of the budget deficit to GDP. That’s about as Vasya Petrov has a budget deficit of 10000 rubles (took out a bank loan), which is 10e-08% (figure from the ceiling) of the country’s GDP. And who is interested in such a comparison? The deficit must be compared with income. And if we compare it turns out that he was in the U.S. Is about 50%. Ie half of all costs borne by the U.S. Federal government borrowing and the printing press. ”

2. Can they just cut your spending such a sum?

United States – the largest economy (so is) the world. Naturally, their federal budget – is also the largest in the world. And Poltarev trillion dollars a year just on the road does not lie. It’s really a huge deficit. It should just realize that. Even more can be parrots, if you imagine that this deficit is about 10% of the debt, ie for each year of their debt at such a rate will increase by 10%. At the same time he was already 20% of the GDP of all countries in the world. United States – it is really a huge monster, the cure is so easy to fail. To do this, a severe strain on all the forces around the world, which is not very much, and is interested in his recovery. A domestic resources and the U.S. Simply does not take them not from where.

3. As a general rule in this case, give us examples of the war years, when their debt was about 140% (exact figures can not remember) of GDP, and Japan, whose debt is any high level of 200%. In the first case, it took really force the world to reduce debt. At that time the U.S. Put considerable part of the world on its currency and cut their huge coupons with it. Now this is not repeated. They had already surrounded the whole world as a “colonial tax” and charge more in his debt. The world is more hope not. With respect to Japan, so she still has not got out of the crisis and not the fact that once all right.

4. What is the U.S. Budget deficit reduction.

First of all, this reduction to stimulate the economy. But this would lead to a crisis and reduce revenues.

Further, the reduction in military spending, including military operations around the world. But the whole American democracy rests on the same American bayonets. It is necessary to loosen his grip, as they will lose much of its economic protectorate over other countries, and terrorism from a distant zaokeanya come to their cities. And most importantly – without defense, they will be forced to continue to accept the nuclear status of Russia, as it can during this time to return the former glory.

About cuts in social spending can not speak – a person Greek events.

Cuts in spending on science and technology, including NASA, and also to talk sense. This is a sure way to lose superpower status.

In general, reduce deficits and may be a few percent, but 50% of the budget deficit – it’s too much. Any reduction leads to a worsening situation.

5. Still need to be aware that this crisis is not just a normal average krizisishko. It is a civilizational crisis. For thousands of years of Earth’s population grew by a hyperbola, and its GDP – on a quadratic hyperbola. Singular point of these curves, respectively, ~ 2029 and ~ 2005 years. Since neither one nor the other can not rush into infinity, crisis is inevitable. I wrote in detail about this in the recording of “The Future of the modern economy.” To estimate its magnitude will say that the population of ancient Rome in a similar period of development was reduced by 30%.

6. Themselves crises occur due to lag effects in relation to the action. More I wrote in the record “nature of crises.” The longer they put off its crisis with the help of artificial stimulation, and other such measures, the worse will be its consequences. If they refused to rescue their monster in 2008, the situation would be serious, but it can be solved. If they hold out until 2018, then most likely have affected not just the economy, and the entire American empire, including their economic colonies and may even state.

7. Unlike any aleksvordov, I will not assign specific dates of the crash (or maybe even recovery) of the U.S. Economy. This process is probabilistic, though with strong feedback. We can only talk about the most probable processes. If we talk about them, then most likely current threats of default they will overcome successfully or not. Most likely, the crisis in the U.S. (and the entire world economy) will reach its climax in the year 2018 that way, though to its climax should be events like landslides exchanges, etc. Why 2018? Just about this year falls bottom Kondratyev cycle. On the other hand, on the internet crawl prophecies de first black U.S. President will be the last president. So you never know? Joke

How to Russia employ foreigners

90 years ago, in December 1917, the CPC was considering the transfer of all Russian enterprises into the hands of American class-conscious proletarians, but this project did not work. However, foreigners touted to work in Russia and the Soviet Union both before and afterward. “Work without excuses and with due diligence”

In Russia, despite the large number of people, always was a deficit of workers. On the one hand, the country is usually not enough skilled professionals, on the other hand, the vast uninhabited areas lacked even unskilled workers. Both of these problems have tried to solve by attracting foreigners, and the beginning of this policy was put under Ivan the Terrible. During the Livonian War, which went from 1558 to 1583, the Russian captured a lot of German soldiers, as well as stolen in Russia, thousands of civilians. Captured Germans were settled outside Moscow, where there was German settlement, also known as Kukui, where the captured aliens were engaged in handicrafts and trading. Thus, the first official body responsible for the importation of foreign labor force in Russia was the royal army, to escort prisoners and internees to places of subsequent settlement. Since then, Russia has repeatedly created and re-dissolved the bodies responsible for employment-based immigration, as has never decided whether it needs guest workers. For many years, Germany remained the main source of foreign labor to the Russian empire. Under Peter I, known to Germans invited by the thousands, although apart from them the state willingly took shipbuilders, engineers, military and other experts from Holland, England, Switzerland and other European countries. When in 1763 Catherine II the Europeans decided to settle unoccupied lands of the Volga and Black Sea, the country was flooded immigrants, mostly Germans, who hoped to gain ground in Russia and considerable privileges such as exemption from military service and the right not to pay taxes for 30. Responsibilities for the lure of the Germans in Russia fell on the shoulders of diplomatic representatives, which, in turn, hire recruiters, so they tried to persuade the German inhabitants to move. The system created to attract foreign citizens in the Russian citizenship to work quite efficiently, because already in 1770 Russia has about 27 thousand immigrants from Germany.

Under Paul I entice foreigners stopped as doubtful the Emperor in each chudilsya revolutionary, and organized system of recruitment has ceased to exist. Alexander I first resumed importation of labor from Europe, but soon abandoned it because the colonists needed lift, but the economic effect of their presence in any way does not pay expenses. Since then, the Russian government for a long time did not dare go to the purposeful involvement of foreigners. Yet the influx of foreigners in Russia does not – - there was a demand for people able to give an educated segments of Russian society, a sense of life by European standards. Nobles discharged from Europe governesses, cooks, tailors, painters, hairdressers, managers for the estates and other carriers the values??of Western civilization. Moreover, in the middle of the XIX century was an attempt to organize the importation of western labor on a commercial basis.

In 1861, when the country was abolished serfdom, many Russian landlords panicked. In one of those days pamphlets, in particular, said: “The amount of actual cash labor diminished with the destruction of the land. Forced labor, despite protivuestestvennost was for us, so to speak, normal labor, hired as compared to him is almost imperceptible. ” In other words, the nobles realize that the peasants no longer go to corvee how much they pay for it either, but reject their own “lordly plowing” they are not wanted. From here the idea to bring to Russia selhozrabochih from Europe, which, unlike yesterday’s serfs were familiar with the system of hired labor. Already in 1861 there were a few private firms that were taken to adjust the supply of German and Czech laborers to handle the master’s deserted fields. On one of these companies in 1862, wrote Associate Member of the Imperial Free Economic Society Zholkevich: “Managing reference point private transactions Alexander Svechin taken in early 1861 on behalf of some landowners to do the hiring of working people in Germany. Previously under his leadership the office have made the necessary affairs, collected the necessary information, and in autumn, the Svechin he traveled abroad – to get acquainted with the details of this case, as the experience of workers hired about 60 families and took them years. Landlords in St. Petersburg, and for hiring in the spring of 1862 invited 500 families in Mecklenburg, Prussia, and Bohemia. Action was Svechin with whom we have had occasion to get acquainted, are useful in this case guarantee for success: he studied business at the place of recruitment, consent to the relocation of many families and, finally, was clear and positive rules to ensure that the two parties concerned “. The “rules” Svechin stipulates that “workers hired by families or individuals. Family is a husband, wife and their children under the age of 18. ” Here we have listed conditions of employment. The Germans were obliged to “work without excuses and with due diligence, six days a week and perform at the direction of the landowner or someone from it will be shipped all, without exception, agricultural and other chores.” Svechin also pointed out that “orders for people accepted at any time of year.”

It is unknown whether Svechin managed to get rich before the landlords have moved away from the post-reform shock and realized that the Russian peasants to hire much more profitable than the German. However, business’ve rbovochnyh offices, similar to the one that was organized this undertaking, later proved to be quite lucrative. True, they acted not in the West and the East.

“Register of Chinese, there is no possibility”

At the end of XIX century, Russia began to actively explore eastern Siberia, where the number of workers does not correspond to the immensity of tasks. It was necessary to rebuild the naval base in Vladivostok, build railroads and bridges, supply the army with food, cut wood, to develop mines, etc., and for all that were needed workers. Food problem is more or less decided by Korean immigrants, who did not have to drum up as hunger on the Korean peninsula, drove thousands of them across the Russian border. Koreans settled in the land and began to cultivate it, and worked so rapidly that the problems with provisions in the province will no longer arise. But the Amur River region were needed not only to farmers but also laborers, and the need for them in particular have escalated since 1895 when work began on the construction of the Trans-Baikal railway. Initially, for road construction workers were hired from Central Russia. But they were few, and their labor cost is expensive.

Soon appeared on the horizon contractors, mostly Chinese, are ready to supply the construction of cheap Chinese labor. If the Russian worker agrees to work for about 1 ruble per day, the Chinese took up the case for 10 cents a day. Recruiters have to supply the Chinese and other types of production, and, wherever they appeared, the price of labor falls. Publicist Levites, who visited the Trans-Baikal region around 1900, wrote: “For every 1000 bricks Russian workers were taken to 15 rubles., The Chinese took only 13 rubles. Now the past has already put in 11 p. 25 kopecks. And, probably, the value of masonry from the next year even lower. On the steamship wharves along the Amur River discharge with pounds of goods and ways to pack Gauz costs as little as a few years ago in 5 kopecks. But with the advent of cheap Chinese labor to unload pood now reached 2 kopecks.. ”

At home, Chinese migrant workers were very unpretentious. “The only concern of all Chinese – wrote Leviticus – is to save a small amount of money or gold and return home, and for this they are ready to perform any work on what career you want, not shrinking to nothing. They can live in such filthy dens in which no European uzhivetsya not to sleep on these beds, of which Europeans can not afford to make a clear concept and was horrified to turn away, if he had only close encounter with them, and they are very frugal, spend very little on clothes, fun, and most importantly, the wines are drinking very little. All Chinese extravagance appears in opium and gambling houses… Lunch Chinese artisanal, which I attended consisted of pancakes, one cup of rice and noodles in salted radish, which the Chinese captured two bony points fell. The whole difficulty of the struggle of Russian workers with the Chinese is a strong corporate spirit of the Chinese artisanal, which is not a Russian. ”

Levites worried not only about what the Chinese undermine the economic situation of the Russian proletarians. Its downright scary influx of illegal immigrants, given that wherever Chinese have settled, they are in his opinion, “is always based its own China Town, not the Kitai Gorod Kremlin in Moscow, but the disgusting, specifically Chinatown with all its specifics – prostitutes, criminals and slaves. ” At the same time to control the influx of Chinese was quite impossible, as this author wrote bitterly: “Being in Stretenske, I turned in Stanichno control to the chieftain to issue me a certificate for the number of registered Chinese; to help it turned out that the Chinese stanitsa management issued in 1899 402 year residence permit. With every Chinese village will be charged at 3 rubles. In addition to collecting 5 rub. With the soul, which is levied on them in Vladivostok. When I pointed Ataman that on the list, which is in my pocket, and made up my polls contractors who work in the Chinese city, their is several times more stanitsa help, he replied that the village of Help is not true that the number of Chinese in Stretenske more 402, which register the Chinese have no opportunity. Correctly determine the number of employees in the village is possible only by making night raids several times a month. ”

General conclusions Levitov confirmed and official sources. Commission to revise the regulations on gold and platinum industry reported in 1901: “The Chinese are now gradually and in a significant number of parishes in the Amur region, and content for your work is very limited card, replacing a gold crafts the Russian workers, who as a result of this appeal necessarily to predation (ie, become independent prospectors.- “Power”). ” However, the authorities rightly pointed out that the Chinese are unlike those of Koreans did not seek to settle in Russia and worked for several years, leaving home. Therefore, their flow is not too bothered by those in power that has played into the hands of recruiters.

Since the beginning of World War I recruiting Chinese went even greater, because in the rear of each year of military action remains less manpower. Chinese colonies began to appear everywhere, not excluding the western regions of the country. Total to 1917 worked in the Empire about 500 thousand Chinese, who still worked hard and everything was as little asked in return.

“Some kind of departmental tournament

With the outbreak of the Civil War, the Chinese system of recruitment of collapsed. Most Chinese have returned home, some who fought in international units of the Red Army, decided to stay to build socialism, and some remained in the country, doing th usual fishing. For many years in many cities of the USSR existed Chinese markets, supplied the Soviet population neizbalovannoe uncomplicated crafts: kites for the kids, with colorful paper umbrellas pagodas, colorful fans, which was fashionable nail on the wall, table cloths fringed and embroidered dragons, etc. Meanwhile, the young Soviet government has worked closely to create a new system of foreign labor.

Even during the Civil War in many Western countries began a movement in support of the republic of workers and peasants. In part, this movement was nourished by the gold and jewelry sent overseas communist parties of Soviet comrades, partly supported him socialist sentiment among the European proletariat and the intelligentsia. Often at rallies of solidarity workers declared their desire to leave the Land of the Soviets and build a new life. Most often, however, these resolutions were adopted during abastovok is to once again frighten employers radicalism. So, in 1920 in Sheffield English strikers declared their intention to move to Russia in the amount of 23 thousand people.

But in the West were also those who are seriously going to try his luck in the Bolshevik East. In particular, many who want to be in Germany, where at the beginning of 1920 was raging a severe economic crisis. Their intention to go to Russia have thousands of Germans, and many journeyed without permission from the German or Soviet side. Another potential source of mass immigration were the United States. True, go to Russia is going to basically do not the Americans, but have been unable to fit into American life emigrants from Russia. Russian Americans are also not waiting to be called, and just sat on the boat and drove to their historic homeland. In a memorandum addressed to Lenin, in particular, stated: “The returnees arrive in groups of 100-150 men, women and children – an insignificant percentage. All beautifully dressed, equipped with warm clothes… Some bring with them the tools and technical manuals. Most bring with them money in the hundreds and thousands of dollars. ” Thus, the Soviet government could hope that it will soon be available to thousands of skilled workers sympathetic to the new system, but still present themselves with their own means of production. At the same time, the Bolsheviks feared the newcomers would be a burden, that they could not endure the hardships of postwar life, and left, will tell the West about the horrors of Soviet life. It was therefore decided, on the one hand, to establish a system to attract only the most useful of immigrants, but on the other hand, create conditions in order to benefit from the visitors was.

May 11, 1920, Lenin insisted on the adoption decision of People’s Commissars, which read: “Put the obligation to establish a common strict controls to ensure that a Soviet R ossiyu were missing German workers, the relevant terms of the contract, and that the delegation was taken from the obligatory subscription that traveling to Russia, German workers are put in popularity relative to all the difficulties that await them in Russia, up to the deprivation. ” Similar receipts were taken with American immigrants. In the receipt stated:

“I, the undersigned, am fully aware all the difficulties experienced Soviet Russia by seven years of war, siege and starvation, and hereby declare that entry into Russia will be engaged in the Rem eslom… That I’m taking with him sufficient funds (money, tools, machinery, food and clothing) to ensure their existence (and their relatives) not less than a year. ”

And yet, although the government in general would like to bring to the country of employment of immigrants, armed with deficient tools and advanced knowledge, each agency separately tried to make the benefits they paid for someone else. Employees of the People’s Commissariat Yakov Gindin recalled in this connection: “In discussing the draft of the invitation in the USSR for foreign workers, there was a sort of departmental tournament. People’s Commissar of food indicated that his confused envisaged in the draft food concessions, which, as our resources can be Neuve ypolnimymi. The People’s Commissar for Military Affairs objected to the excessive privileges of serving the compulsory military service. The People’s Commissar of Internal Affairs drew attention to the benefits of the confinement of all kinds of civil duties. Trade Unions said on the admissibility or inadmissibility for those working tariff derogations. Point in the dispute put Lenin, who said that “dozens, hundreds of foreign skilled workers could educate hundreds of thousands of working alongside them our Russian workers”, and therefore the involvement of foreigners and it is desirable and necessary.

And yet, in the organization of labor immigration preserved the spirit of interagency feuds, because the matter involved once all the agencies concerned. Initially, this case should have been doing the Supreme Economic Council (the Supreme Economic Council) and the Commissariat, but in June 1920 the People’s Commissariat has created its own structure, which was supposed to receive and distribute the immigrants. Just a few days she SNK seemed to find a compromise. It was agreed that the Supreme Economic Council, and the People’s Commissariat of the People’s Commissariat will continue to deal with immigration, but would take into account the opinion of the Foreign Affairs and the Cheka, so that only added confusion. As in the case of immigration could not do without the People’s Commissariat of Finance and the People’s Commissariat of Railways, had to draw them as well. Soviet bureaucrats did not hesitate to use had a chance and started one after another to create their own divisions on migration. People’s Commissariat for example, created a subdivision on immigration in the department of labor and the department needs manpower, and in addition, has got a special Bureau of Immigration, which did not allow them to quarrel among themselves.

Impact People’s Commissariat of bureaucratic activity caused displeasure leadership Supreme Economic Council, which proposed the creation of another body – the interdepartmental commission on immigration, which is subordinate to the Supreme Economic Council. But to outwit the People’s Commissariat failed. Interdepartmental Commission for osredotocheniya with all the information from all agencies and all kinds of cases on the issue of resettlement in Russia of foreign workers and technicians and provide them with work “has been established and subordinated to the People’s Commissariat. Commission set to work and to his chagrin, found that foreign workers are no one in Russia does not need. According to the company were sent questionnaires asking to enter the desired number of foreigners. Most companies either wrote in response that the immigrants them unnecessarily, or does not respond. Then the People’s Commissariat of companies began to impose their own figures. If the Kolomna Machine-Building Plant has identified a number of immigrants needed 542 people, the People’s Commissariat decided to send him 1, 635 men. The trouble was only in the fact that these 1, 635 people had not yet arrived, but even if they arrived, the People’s Commissariat refused to feed them, Narkomvoendel tried to BOAD to the army and the Cheka would have thought half unreliable. Yet the People’s Commissariat had to reckon with the objective possibilities of the country.

At the end of July 1920 arrived in Russia “wild transport – a train with two hundred German workers and enthusiasts who were not wanted and that was nowhere to go and nothing to feed. If at first it was the imminent arrival of hundreds of thousands of foreigners, but now it has become clear that Russia was not able to take and a few thousand. As a result, had to declare the whole of Europe, that “the mass relocation does not raise the issue” and that Russia needs a highly skilled experts.

“You do not have roads Soviet tractor” While the mass immigration, which dreamed of numerous structures in the People’s Commissariat, did not happen, visitors still are, and there were quite a lot. The number of re-emigrants from the United States, in particular, was 10 130 people, half of which immediately dispersed to their native towns and villages, and the rest were distributed in small groups of Soviet enterprises. We can not say that the actions of Soviet officials, old drum in Russia most affected only workers, armed with their own means of production, was not successful. So, in 1921 the country has arrived from America a sewing cooperative in the 120, taking with him 170 sewing machines, Singer, 11 high-power electric motors, thread, needles, irons and other items needed for production. Cooperative settled in Moscow and soon had a profit. And in different parts of the country settled down U.S. Agricultural communes, which led economy with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency here. One of them, incidentally, was at the station Vsevolozhskaya near Leningrad, where there is now a plant of the American Ford.

After the first “wild transports” Soviet representatives abroad were in the selection of candidates for employment in the Soviet Union with greater selectivity. Started a real hunt for professionals, with preference given to skilled workers, able to take a leadership a must spine. In early 1930 the Soviet Union was published many books and pamphlets describing the history of such professionals who have found salvation in the USSR from the Great Depression and a career. One of the books, in particular, praised everyday work of the American working Bowers, who headed the workshop on “Red Putilovites. “Business Day Bowers is in the transfer of new workers of manufacturing experience and skills acquired by them for 35 years in the cast of American,” bosses “… If Bowers sees anything likely to cause a marriage or a plan to disrupt the casting, he becomes enraged. Oblique podformovnaya board, casually posed by mold clamp and similar other “little things” removes it from itself.

- You have not kept the Soviet money, you do not have roads Soviet tractor – he throws on the specific perpetrators of these little things… Bowers is not trying, like many foreign experts, mechanically move the American experience in the USSR, and adapts it to our conditions. If not enough materials AET, he looks for them to partial replacement. If before Bowers inexperienced workers could, for example, to lubricate the conveyor rails syrup instead of oil, which naturally led to stopping the conveyor, then with the arrival of an American marriage has decreased from 95% to 24%. ”

Another success story was telling the foreman of the First Watch Factory American Sam Weinberg, and his book was published in English. After fleeing from unemployment, Weinberg found a new life in the Soviet Union, has earned the title of udarnik and met the May Day in Red Square, where, to my delight, saw Stalin himself. In short, propaganda, targeting Western experts, was set quite widely. And the propaganda worked, which helped a lot of difficult situation in the countries covered by the Great Depression. Specialists from the U.S., Germany and other countries have worked on many Soviet enterprises, introducing rationalization proposals, preventing gross violations of technologies like molasses poured onto the conveyor, and about one hundred faithfully fulfilling their duties.

Everything changed in the second half of 1930, when all foreigners began to see the spy and pest. To entice more foreign experts have stopped, and the old some people have planted. After the war, the Soviet economy in need of foreign professionals in many satisfied by the prisoners and interned Germans, so that one drum was no longer necessary. Go to the import of foreign labor USSR returned only in the late 1970’s, when a friendly Vietnam war ended, and found that not all of the demobilized can find a job and livelihood. Soviet enterprises began to recruit Vietnamese guest workers under the four-and six-year contract, while the Vietnamese did not have any independent right to break the contract of employment. Vietnamese workers have appeared at many large Soviet enterprises, in particular Zile, and administration of enterprises could not get enough of them: the guests from the East is not only good for work and a little drunk, but also with pleasure swept off the shelves products, by which Soviet citizens were proudly by, for example the huge aluminum pans, with which the Vietnamese comrades then organized point of catering at home. It was the latest attempt to lure the Soviet Union into the country foreign labor, and were especially pleased with the Vietnamese. After the collapse of the Soviet Union they were caught for a long time in the country and tried to send home.

Russia wants international inquiry into the Saakashvili

Actions of the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili against the opposition, in violation of generally accepted democratic norms should be investigated very seriously at the international level. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich.

“On the night of 25 to 26 May, Georgian police using brute force, and various non-lethal weapons to disperse a group of citizens, protesters in front of the Parliament of Georgia. The police acted very cruelly: used tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets. Death of one of the protesters, dozens, including women, beaten. Many protesters were detained by police. Massacre were not only the demonstrators but also journalists, including Russian. Arrests of prominent Georgian opposition “, – said A. Lukaszewicz, who was quoted by Foreign Ministry press service of Russia.

Power of law enforcement bodies of Georgia against the demonstrators in Tbilisi is a flagrant violation of the right to peaceful assembly and to freedom of expression, “- he stressed.

According to the diplomat, the international community has repeatedly drawn the attention of the Georgian authorities on the inadmissibility of the use of excessive force against peaceful protesters – recommendations were formulated during the first phase of the passage of Georgia’s Universal Periodic Review as part of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) in January year, when many of the members of the Council was subjected to the Georgian authorities deserved criticism. “In the words of Georgian officials have agreed to the comments and even talked about the willingness to implement recommendations of the UNHRC, but the real work once again parted ways with promises. It is becoming increasingly evident that allegations Saakashvili regime can not be trusted, as a rosy picture of “success young Georgian democracy” is very far from reality, “- he added.

Lukashevich also noted that the coincidence therefore failed bid in Georgia’s membership in the UN Council on Human Rights. “This was proof that the international community regards as a very unfavorable situation with respect Georgia’s international commitments on human rights and freedoms,” – he said.

We hope that recent events in Georgia will get an objective assessment, not only from international human rights organizations, but also in the capitals of those countries who support the Saakashvili regime. His actions against the opposition, in violation of generally accepted democratic norms should be investigated very seriously at the international level “- summed up the Russian Foreign Ministry representative.

Recall disperse the rally, demanding the resignation of President Mikhail Saakashvili has killed two police officers – they were shot down by a car. More than 30 people were injured. Dozens of protesters were arrested for a period of two months, the opposition leader was not among them.

However, the Georgian president said that the organizers of rallies in Tbilisi wanted to violence and victims. “We must all understand that there must be vigilant, as these provocations being prepared is not within the country,” – he said.

How to save the Prague tourist economy class?

Prague – a place where tourists from post-socialist space does not irritate “the smell of decaying capitalism.” It has no pretension of Paris or recklessness of Amsterdam. There have to go for peace of mind. And it is peace of mind, usually a large financial cost does not require.

I’ll try to tell on what you can save a few euros to expand its capabilities in the knowledge of the identity of Prague (kruzhechek few beers, for example).

The first step is a question of exchange of money, because in the Czech Republic in the course of Czech crowns. One crown to approximately 1.3 rubles. In the exchange offices, especially in places most visited by tourists, the commission can reach 30%. Most advantageous exchange rate have “persons of Arab ethnicity, but their points are not usually on the beaten tourist tracks. Bank for cashing the card takes a percentage, which you can find out more at home. But almost everywhere (even in beer) you can pay with credit card, if you view your card is marked at the entrance. We arrived late at night, and we are the first exchange (probably in violation of their laws) proposed guide, met us right in the bus. Therefore, in the morning in my pocket, we were already local crown (small amount), and we could go for buying the ticket without any fuss.

Transportation. Cost of transport in Prague is different from ours. Tickets are several types on all types of transport, even the funicular. For example, on one trip of no more than 20 minutes (14 euros). On a trip to 1.5 hours (20 euros). And travel on different dates, for example, for a week – 280 kroons. Acquainted with the options and buy the tickets themselves can be in the information offices at metro stations. The countdown goes from activation card (first visit). Therefore, buying a weekly pass, you can not bother looking for tickets and travel about the city at your leisure. Turnstiles in the subway there, at the entrance are small devices activate yellow. Same hang in trams and buses. Supervisors bit, but a fine of 500 euros is quite sensitive, without a ticket to ride is not recommended. Very comfortable and quiet! Almost every traffic stop has a map on which you can adjust your route. Not necessarily go with the tablet and a compass.

Communication. Not all of our mobile operators are going to keep you abroad, even for a very rather big money. Therefore, talking about the most costly option with a local operator Vodafon, which has offices in many places, especially in supermarkets. Buy a sim-card for 200 CZK (the entire amount in your account, ie the connection – free of charge) without a passport, and talking on your health for 8 euros per minute although with Kamchatka. Local for 3 crowns per minute incoming free. True, you can recharge your account only through the magnetic card, and they are 500 and 1000 kroner. For lovers of small talk EEK 200 a week more than enough. The balance of the account you reported after each call. This Simca when not in use does not disappear, ie before your next tour can store or transfer your followers.

When you purchase vouchers to choose the most divergent set of tours. Typically, these are two walking tours around the city in a mandatory program, the remaining extras for some money. Since the tour in Prague and its surroundings are quite expensive (50 euros), plus admission fees, then the cause annoyance about equal in informative tours, selected voluntarily.

Likely to meet you guide will immediately choose additional sightseeing and get him a voucher – do not rush. If you have the first day is already planned and paid for (most often it is a mandatory tour around the city), then you will have time to navigate in the program, including a survey of its passengers and a guide on tours. Of a meeting can be understood – they get their percentage of the sold vouchers, but the money is yours! And almost always the next day, your ideas about the cultural program of change.

Mandatory walking tours of Old Town and Prague Castle will give you information and insight into the history and architecture of the city, will learn to navigate the terrain in order to later without the crowds of tourists, with sense, plainly and deliberately you own to wander around the narrow streets of this wondrous, not suffering a bustle of the city.

To see the famous Czech castles do not choose the cheapest tour with a guaranteed visit to the castle itself (not all locks have access to guided tours). For example – the castle of Lednice: the magnificent interior, safety attributes era, and carefully manicured gardens in the English and French styles, the giant greenhouse with tropical plants. The remaining castles are built around the same time and in the same style (as in our “Twist of fate…”), filled with horns, hunting trophies and medieval armor.

Excursion to the castle of Lednice and combines visits to the famous karst caves – this show should not miss. The works of Mother Nature, to correct a man in the direction of greater emotional (lighting, music – Ave, Maria!) Leaves with nothing comparable sense of peace and meditation. Even the scary legend about a wicked stepmother, namesake beautiful gorge Macocha not cause grief.

The food in Prague is quite cheap. At 200 crowns can be enough to drink beer and eat high-calorie and delicious Czech dishes (like Kolenko boar “). Therefore, the excursion steamer from the smorgasbord of 2 hours for 400 euros at least twice as expensive as the capabilities of your stomach. So much so that paid for drinks is a thimble aperitif and a glass of wine / beer. The rest of the additional, and very considerable, and money.

Tah FREE. Ie when you’re still part of the money and returned upon departure. Tell only about the airport.

If you have a planned program of shopping, the easier it is to make a large megamarket. When buying goods in one department / store in an amount not less than 2000 euros you have the right to a refund of taxes (at the entrance to the department also is an indication TAX FREE). Be sure to REMIND the cashier about it, so she gave you the desired package (package name, in the literal sense) of the documents except the check.

Another nice thing about supermarkets – the presence of luggage. Pay some amount (up to 200 euros) you get a cell and use it all day, hands-free after a raid at a regular store. But best of all – after shopping, you are 200 CZK get back! Ie it’s just a deposit for our insecurities, suddenly lose a key and lock change is necessary.

And the airport is easy. Before delivery of baggage (checked suddenly, although we have not verified) come to the window Customs (near background) and draws up the papers, which gave you the shop. After registering you go in the area and looking for max FREE window CASH REFAND – and get their hard-earned cash, savings of 19%. Are not that much money, but still nice! Can have them here and spend, for example, to buy all the same Bohemian garnets, which have not ventured into the jewelry store.

VTB 24 has improved the conditions for special car loans

Since July 1, VTB 24 improves the conditions for special programs car loan, which was developed jointly with representatives of the leading automobile manufacturers in which you can buy a new car loan. About this in a bank’s press service. Base interest rate on the loan reduced to a level of 13% per annum in rubles (depending on the program and the length of the loan).

The program “Avtolayt” minimum initial deposit to buy a car has been reduced from 40% to 25% of the loan. Thus, the conditions of the program “Avtolayt”, under which credit is made only on two documents, and without income verification, have become even more attractive.

VTB 24 is formed on the basis of Guta Bank, unable to withstand inter-bank crisis in 2004 and purchased by Vneshtorgbank (VTB today) with the active participation of the Central Bank. In 2005, Guta Bank was renamed ZAO Vneshtorgbank Retail Services “, and in November of 2006 – in VTB Bank 24. The main shareholder – OJSC “Bank VTB” (98.93% stake). The group VTB Bank narrowly specialized in the retail business.

According to, on June 1, 2010 assets of VTB 24-769,43 billion rubles (6 th place in Russia), capital (calculated in accordance with the requirements of the CBR) – 102.19 billion, including subordinated loan of $ 18.05 billion, loan portfolio – 437280000000, obligations to the population – 472.61 billion

Hyperinflation and its manifestations

Conducted by the National Bank policy has led to what in our life began to manifest clear signs characteristic of hyperinflation. Here is a description of its manifestations:

“To beat the inevitable price increase expected by all owners of” hot money “seeking as quickly as possible to get rid of them. The result is set high demand, are bought in the first place those goods that can serve as a means of partial conservation savings (real estate, art objects, precious metals). People act on the pressure of the “inflation psychosis”, which is spurring the rise in prices and inflation begins to “feed” itself. ”

But we have not (yet) just galloping inflation because the nominal threshold of hyperinflation – monthly (for three to four months) increase in prices over 50.%, While the annual pace at times can be expressed with four digits. Peculiarity of hyperinflation is that it becomes almost unmanageable, and is usually functional relationships and customary price controls do not work. At full capacity, running the printing press, developing a rabid speculation. Production is disconcerting. To stop or slow down the hyper-inflation, one has to resort to extreme measures. There is a clear idea of?? exactly how to fight hyperinflation. Different, often quite contradictory prescriptions. Link

Top 15 best beaches in Europe

At best kurortkah Europe has already begun the tourist season.

In anticipation of the holiday season “Comments” have chosen fifteen most beautiful beaches in the Old World, which is worth a visit this summer.

1. Navajo Cove, the island of Zakynthos (Zante), Greece

Navajo Cove – the card of the island. From the Greek its name means “shipwreck”. In 1983 a storm washed up on shore a modern vessel, which can still be seen on the beach. However, on the beach itself is accessible from the sea and only during daylight hours.

2. Zologoy Horn, an island of Brac, Croatia

This is the biggest pebble beach of Croatia and one of the brightest of its attractions. His name must Beach coastline, in the form of curved horns. Walking on the fine gravel that comprises the beach, very good for health. In addition, it is the most famous beaches for windsurfing in Croatia

3. Oludeniz, Turkey

One of the most visited beaches in Turkey. Not for nothing Oludeniz repeatedly named among the five most beautiful beaches in the world. Oludeniz is often called the “Blue Lagoon” – a national nature reserve of Turkey. The resort is very beautiful nature: sandy beaches, warm waters of the Mediterranean and Dead seas and high mountains, which on three sides surround the resort.

4. Sagres, Algarve, Portugal

It is a sandy beach with fine golden sand and crystal clear sea, surrounded by high cliffs. And here a great place for snorkeling and diving. In addition, it is on Sagres beach you can admire the beautiful views of the sea and rocks

5. Las Islas Sies, Galicia, Spain

Today, these uninhabited island and national park created here, open to tourists only in the summer season. Visit the island may not be more than 2200 people a day. Sies island located at the entrance to a long and narrow bay of Vigo. The current name of the archipelago reflects one important feature of the local climate – the absence of summer rains. In 1980 the islands were declared Sies Reserve and received the status of Natural Park. And 22 years later the archipelago and the adjacent waters were a part of only one in Galicia National Park.

6. Nissi, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

The most popular beach of Ayia Napa, Nissi-haven for clubbers and active youth. You can not only bask on the golden sands, but also water skiing, windsurfing and diving. And on the beach everybody can watch the colorful fish. All the beaches of Ayia Napa, awarded the EU blue flag for their level of purity, and infrastructure development, the relevant EU standards.

7. Mykonos, Greece

In 2010, the island of Mykonos was named best European island among such notable contenders as the world-famous resorts of Ibiza, Capri, Madera. Mallorca. The sandy beaches stretch along the entire coast of the island. Here you can find entertainment to suit every taste – and beach discos, and sports facilities, and quiet corners for sunbathing. Mykonos meet nudists, international stars and amateurs a good holiday.

8. San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily, Italy

This resort is called the jewel of Sicilian nature. It is situated on the Cape between national park and Mount Dzingaro Kofa. Once the main resort of the province of Trapani was a simple fishing village. Today the main income residents of these areas brings tourism. It is in these parts you can see the “heavenly places” with golden sand and azure waters, are so fond of portraying on posters tour operators.

9. St Ives, United Kingdom

Falmouth Harbour, Cornwall County, where the small town of St. Ives, is the world’s third-largest natural harbors of origin. St Ives named best seaside resort in Britain. Huge beaches in these areas bordered by numerous rocks and the climate is most comfortable in England.

10. Skiathos, Greece

The island of Skiathos (in translation – the shadow of Mount Athos), the most “green” and most popular island in the archipelago of the Northern Sporades. The main wealth of the island – its numerous beaches, its here, there are more than a dozen. Here is the famous beach of Banana, on which rest nudist and beach pebbles, silver, and cozy corners where you can sunbathe in solitude. Fortunately, the sun shines on the island almost year round.

11. Alcudia, Majorca

It’s longest beach, consisting of fine sand. There are many jetties, which moor excursion boats with tourists. In addition, in the sea across the beach runs a lot of channels from different lakes. That is why the second title the beach – Ciudad de los lagos, which means City of Lakes.

12. Villasimus, Sardinia, Italy

Villasimius – locality on the southeastern coast of Sardinia. Can get there through the picturesque mountain serpentine, go right over the sea. White beaches and clear azure water helped a former fishing village to become one of the most famous tourist destinations in Sardinia.

13. Kala den Sierra, Ibiza, Spain

On the famous island of Ibiza some 60 famous beaches. But Cala d’en Serra – the most idyllic of them. It is located on the shore of a shallow, protected on all sides of the bay, among the fishing villages. Unlike most places in Ibiza, there is never busy and noisy.

14. Three cliffs bay, South Wales, UK

This beach in Wales, renowned for its beautiful panoramic views. Sandy road leads to a grassy promontory from which overlook the bay. These sites are also chosen by surfers from all corners of the globe.

15. Pampilon, Cote d’Azur, France

Sandy beach Pampelonne stretches for 5 kilometers in length. It is located between the Cape of Saint-Tropez and the Cape Camara. Relax on the beach in St. Tropez attracts celebrities from all over the world.

Everything in the garden: why wealthy individuals invest in agribusiness

Less than a year, Rinat Akhmetov has managed to become one of the largest in Ukraine, the land owners. In 2010, a businessman who buys Mariupol. Illich, agricultural households received utility companies, and over 200 thousand hectares of land. In the SCM will not abandon the agricultural business. Rinat Akhmetov even in 2009, began to show interest in domestic agriculture. Then the company related to SCM, acquired the shares agricultural complex “Slobozhanskiy. The company has always been one of the largest pig farms in Ukraine, although in recent years, his debt grew, and revenues, by contrast, fell (in 2008, they decreased by 40% – to 50.6 million USD, however, the new owners are not scared). Business in the breeding of pigs is very popular among the richest people in Ukraine. “Given the volume and structure of meat consumption in Ukraine, the market for chicken meat will grow moderately, as beef and pork – a faster pace. Since working capital in pig above, in addition, it is more economical in terms of fodder, then this segment will be completed in the first place, “- explains the logic of the business analyst Dmitry Ushenko BG Capital. According to rumors, Firtash invests in Ukrainian black earth. “He wants to create megaholding on 300 thousand hectares, and then sell it to foreign investors” – describe the market. However, as we are assured by experts, to implement such a plan is unlikely to be easy. “Right now, the land bank itself, as it was in 2007-2008, is of little interest to foreigners. They focus on running the business and its ability to generate stable cash flow “, – says Dmitry Ushenko. But the truly successful agro-business in metallurgists very little. Although many of them became owners of orchards, gardens to several thousand hectares of many years ago. “In 2007, the threat of food crisis, saying as often as the good prospects of Ukrainian black earth”, – says Sergey Nalivka, director of the consulting agency “AAA.” These conversations were always accompanied by a sad statistic. According to forecasts of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, food within the next ten years to rise by 20-50%. Appetites countries – importers of grains grow: constantly increasing procurement, China and India. In this case, the performance of the agricultural sector of Ukraine, according to experts, has huge potential. Sounds very convincing, and for local businessmen and foreign investors, who even in the crisis did not spare the money for Ukrainian agriculture. Public offerings on the market able to reach several domestic agricultural holdings. It was on this wave, many big businessmen, metallurgists engaged in non-core business for yourself from scratch and have been paying him more attention, structuring selhozaktivy. “The market lot of niches. For example, in the south you can grow tomatoes, recycle them into tomato paste for technical needs and to export to Europe, where the products are in great demand. But the businessmen prefer to invest in a clear niche, so their projects are often too short-lived. And this is a very dangerous approach – today the price of goods rise and fall tomorrow, “- says Sergey Infusion. Standard holding in the agricultural sector begins with the consolidation of land, and then – an IPO. In this case, the company usually confined to work in B2B-sector. Holdings grow, for example, corn, and then wait for customers – multinational companies and refiners. But only raw agricultural business model is fraying. In the vanguard of those who are engaged in export or processing of the domestic market. But with its brand on store shelves ventured out one. The entry price for processing is too high, because you need to ensure greater food shelf and a large-scale production. Bet on a vertically integrated business, including the production of the final product made, for example, Boris Kolesnikov (company AIC-Invest “) and Sergei Taruta (Company Bakhmutsky Agrarian Union”). Same situation with exports. Players usually do not even attempt to sell products in foreign markets. Perhaps the evolution of agricultural holdings of the wealthiest people in Ukraine – is only a matter of time. While non-core businesses, farmers far from the food billionaires like George and Andrew Kosyuk Verevskiy. But in any case, the alternate aerodrome as a pig farm is not so bad. Rinat Akhmetov’s main assets: Metinvest DTEK FUIB, telecom group Vega, retail network Brusnytsya “Hotel” Donbass Palace “,” Opera “, a publishing holding company Segodnya Multimedia, TRK Ukraina and other agricultural assets: Ilyich Agro, Agro-”Slobozhanschina. Land Bank: 225 ha. In 2010, a multidisciplinary group of Rinat Akhmetov, has joined a new business. Together with the Mariupol. Illich businessman got five subsidiary companies Steel Plant, specializing in the production of agricultural products. Subsistence farming metkombinata grew substantially, but the assets were never united under one roof and have not received significant investment. In the JMC decided not to get rid of agricultural enterprises. After all, management experience in this business already – in 2009, the structure associated with the SCM, gained control of the pig agricultural complex “Slobozhanschina. Main Resources Agricultural Complex “Ilyich-Agro concentrated in the Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Cherkasy regions. Enterprises engaged in production of milk, eggs, wool, animal feed, vegetable oil, flour, soft cheeses, grow cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry, cereals. According to some reports, the SCM plan to leave livestock only within the plant “Slobozhanschina. With 20% of the area can be sown sunflower. According to forecasts by Vladimir Boiko, who continues to lead the Mariupol. Illich, already in 2011 for six months will be established agricultural holding. Igor Kolomoisky main assets: Privatbank, Ukrnafta, Ukrtransnafta, Ukrtatnafta, Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant, several power companies, Aerosvit, Dnepravia, Donbassaero, TV channel “1 +1″ and other agricultural assets: Private agro-holding. Land Bank: 150 ha. In 2008, the Privat owners began to restructure its agricultural business, creating a Private agro-holding. Agricultural assets Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov bought a long time. In 2005, they owned 15 agricultural enterprises, and four years later – 24. The main areas being developed Private agro-holding, associated with animal husbandry (plant breeds of pigs, sheep, cattle, produce milk and eggs) and crop (wheat, barley, maize, rye, sunflower, soybean and rapeseed). Poroshenko’s main assets: a group of companies Ukrprominvest, TV channel “Channel 5″. Agricultural assets: starch Agroprodinvest. Land Bank: 83 thousand hectares. Poroshenko not only one of the leading players in domestic confectionery market, but also a major exporter of products. In 2002, the corporation Roshen, to circumvent the trade restrictions in Russia, bought the Lipetsk confectionery factory in Russia. In 2006, its assets were replenished confectionery factory in Klaipeda (Lithuania). Company Agroprodinvest “oversees the activities of agro-industrial concern Ukrprominvest, ensuring the needs of the confectionery trends in raw materials. The holding two sugar factory – Pogrebischensky and Gaysinsky. Key areas of land are in Agroprodinvesta Vinnytsia and Poltava regions. In addition to facilities in the sugar industry, the holding company owns the largest Ukrainian enterprises involved in processing of maize, including the Dnieper starch plant, flour mills. In addition, within the agricultural areas of the company is developing dairy cattle. Sergei Tigipko main assets: the group “TAS”. Agricultural assets: RoAgro. Land Bank: 13 thousand hectares. RoAgro – agricultural area of?? investment and financial group “TAS”, created by the current Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Tigipko. RoAgro owns lease rights to 17 thousand hectares of land in Kharkiv, Cherkasy, Mykolayiv, Kirovohrad and Vinnitsa regions. A few years ago Tihipko sets ambitious objectives for the company – to increase the land bank of 200 hectares and purchase a few poultry plants. But the return to polit
ics prevented the implementation of the plans. In 2009, the businessman had sold 30% of the agricultural business Kinnevik Swedish investment fund for $ 4 million fund has also received an option to increase its stake to 50%. In 2010 RoAgro Myronivsky Hliboproduct sold two businesses, growing crops in the Cherkassy region and controlling 4,5 thousand hectares. At the same time, the company acquired 50% of the agricultural enterprise “Yalanetskoe, located in Vinnitsa region. Its sphere of activity – production and sales of crop and livestock development (production of milk and meat). Boris Kolesnikov’s main assets: a group of “Conti”. Agricultural assets: APK-Invest. Land Bank: 10 thousand hectares. Vertically integrated business with a closed production cycle – from growing grain and fodder production to production and sales of meat products was set up by Boris Kolesnikov in 2006. During four years of holding out for first place among the fifteen largest pig farms in Ukraine. By the end of 2010, on pig farms APK-Invest contained 100 thousand pigs. According to the company’s strategy, by 2015 the companies to combine breeding loudspeaker at 30 thousand sows complex for growing and fattening pigs to 600 thousand units per year, feed mill capacity of 200 tons of animal feed and meat by 52 thousand tons of meat per year ( in 2008, AIC-Invest has commissioned capacity of 160 tons of meat products a day). In addition, the company plans to increase the acreage to 50 hectares. In 2009, the Holding Company has launched its own network of shops “M’yasna Spring. Early last year, APK-Invest has entered into a loan agreement with Ukreximbank 700 million UAH. Sergei Taruta’s main assets: the co-owner of Industrial Union of Donbass. Agricultural assets: Bakhmutsky Agrarian Union. Land Bank: insignificant. Co-owners of ISD has been actively developed agribusiness based company Bakhmutsky Agricultural Union, which was created in 1997. Now this is the third largest company in Ukraine in pork production (the year it produced 30 million USD). The company includes the mixed fodder plants, plant breeding and industrial complex in growing and fattening pigs. In addition, the composition Bakhmutsky Agricultural Union includes Dianovskaya poultry. Unlike many other big businessmen, taking up agricultural production, Sergei Taruta built a vertically integrated business. For example, the company “Yug Agro, which produces feed, – the first link in a closed loop, and Gorlovsky meat-packing plant, which produces products for the end user – the last link. Brand, developed by Sergey Taruta – “Schiry godfather.” Vadim Novinsky Major assets: Smart-Holding, Balaklava Mine Group, Dnepropress, Kherson Shipyard and other agricultural assets: agricultural holding “Sagra”. The land bank: is formed. Smart Holding more than five years developing selhozaktivy but structured business recently – in 2009, creating a holding company Sagra. He united the five companies, including major – pig farms “Kalita Bacon” (produces pork) and horticultural company, “Spring” (cultivated apple). Company Sagra-Nord treated with 4 hectares of land on which grows barley, wheat and corn, completely covering the needs of the feed mill. Among the refineries Smart-Holding – the company “Veres”, one of the largest manufacturers of sauces in Ukraine. Several years ago, in Sagra planned to take the grain business, to build a grain elevator with capacity of about 60 tons and the port elevator at 100 thousand tonnes of grain. By 2013, the company’s land bank could increase to 200 thousand hectares. But until the company abandoned those plans. Two years ago the management of Smart-Holding said about the possibility of withdrawal of its agricultural division in an IPO in 2010-2011.

Vladivostok can bypass Khabarovsk on the runway “

Khabarovsk airport could lose international crossing point due to negligence and disinterest

Business representatives and officials of the Khabarovsk Territory are not interested in setting up a modern airport that meets all international requirements checkpoint. This situation has sounded the deputy head Rosgranitsa Boris Khaytovych during the meeting of the Board Rosgranitsa which addresses the state of work and to refurbish the infrastructure of checkpoints for the APEC summit in 2012.

As reported by a correspondent. RIA Daily News of Vladivostok, the boundary between the officials and the owner of the building. As well as the relevant agencies do not have a common interest.

- It seems that the Khabarovsk airport checkpoint is not needed. Officials transferred the arrows on the owner, while the latter is not an adequate attitude to the problem. It is still not resolved the question of the square. For normal operation of all agencies involved in the activities of the checkpoint to almost 1,5 thousand sq. M. The owner also has lowered the rate on the reasons known only to him to 400 sq.m. Moreover, the designated deadline of this space for rent – only until 2016, but these areas do not meet safety requirements. Rosgranitsa will not invest heavily in the reconstruction of facilities, provide equipment for some couple of years. If this situation does not soon be solved in the Khabarovsk Territory, the Rosgranitsa specifically raise the issue: a need whether in the Khabarovsk international airport checkpoint? – Described the situation Boris Haytvich.

To convince the deputy head of Rosgranitsa from such a situation, Vladivostok will benefit. If in Khabarovsk will not be at the airport of the international checkpoint, all international flights will be diverted to Vladivostok.

Note that the air crossing the Khabarovsk also included in the list of objects Rosgranitsa involved in the preparation for the APEC summit in 2012. But if the checkpoint at the airport of Vladivostok will be the primary, then in Khabarovsk at the time of the summit, he will have the status of a backup.

Checkpoint in Primorye in no hurry to greet the guests of the APEC summit 2012

Readiness checkpoints for the summit has caused many complaints from the management Rosgranitsa

Painting at the sites of checkpoints in the preparation and holding of the APEC Summit 2012 – bleak. Not satisfactory situation only Kraskino. It is the only object of today, where everything goes according to plan: design of land, project documentation, examination, course of construction works. The situation on the other, road, air and sea – is alarming. These points were presented during today’s meeting of the members of the College Rosgranitsa, which was held in Vladivostok, RIA PrimaMedia.

The meeting addressed the question of the status of work and to refurbish the infrastructure of checkpoints and the clearance of land for their placement in order to ensure preparation and holding of APEC-2012 summit in Vladivostok.

The situation at checkpoints announced deputy head Rosgranitsa Boris Khaytovych. He noted that except at Kraskino, there is a bleak picture. The very process of preparation is very slow. No adequate understanding of the situation from a number of owners and contractors, there is an unprofessional approach of designers – wasting time, do not possess a sufficient number of specialists.

- Big question is the need for a modern border crossing point at the airport of Khabarovsk and compliance performance time at the Vladivostok terminal. There is a situation where the object, even if completed, will not be connected to existing infrastructure. So, to resolve the issue with the construction of roads, such as in Kraskino and Frontier, to concretize the situation with the connection being built in Vladivostok airport terminal with the accession to the engineering network, – said Boris Khaytovych.

Separately, the deputy head Rosgranitsa voiced the need for enforcement of federal law against crossing points, on private property:

- Border STATE! Private checkpoints must be passed Rosgranitsa, otherwise they will be initiated by closing!

Highlights of its activities during the meeting, voiced by representatives of design companies and JSC “Terminal Vladivostok.

Given that each of the participants their arguments regarding the execution of works, the presiding officer – Deputy Chief Rosgranitsa Yuri Borodin – suggested that a working group that will more quickly resolve questions raised, to optimize the work of different departments and agencies.

The former head of the Office of the Kaczynski will be judged

Former head of the office of the deceased President Lech Kaczynski Piotr Kovnatsky appear before the court for disclosure of the confidential report of the Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW).

The prosecutor’s office has filed a court indictment in this case. According to the prosecutor Dariusz Schlepokura of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, former head of the Office of the Head of State is accused of divulging journalist with the newspaper Dziennik professional secrecy regarding the report of the ABW of the shelling that took place during the visit of Lech Kaczynski in Georgia in 2008.

Kovnatsky pleaded not guilty. If found guilty he faces up to three years in prison.

Lech Kaczynski visited Georgia in November 2008 on the anniversary of the Rose Revolution. ” On the Georgian-South Ossetian border in an area Akhalgori with him and accompanying him the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili came the mysterious incident – their motorcade reportedly came under fire, which the Georgian side tried to present as a provocation of Russian servicemen.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in response termed “pure provocation” statements about the incident with the presidents of Georgia and Poland on the border with South Ossetia. The minister said that such things happen is not the first time – the Georgian authorities to organize everything yourself and then accuse Russian and South Ossetian side. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia, in turn, said the incident at the border was caused by Saakashvili himself.

As a result of that incident no one was hurt, and Lech Kaczynski, on his return to Poland asked not to blame anyone for what happened because he allegedly asked to change the route of cortege. At the same time Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk has blamed Georgia for the poor organization of the visit of President Kaczynski.

And in late November, the Polish newspaper Dziennik published data from the official report of the Polish secret service agency of Homeland Security (Agencja Bezpieczenstwa Wewnetrznego – ABW). These data suggest that the shooting incident, the vehicle of Polish President Lech Kaczynski have arranged themselves Georgians.

According to the text of the report, made public the publication, “the shots near the car presidents of Poland and Georgia was the Georgian provocation.” The newspaper also noted that the head of ABW Krzysztof Bondarik sent the document 16 major Polish politics.

However, the same day a representative of ABW Katarzyna Konetspolska-Vrublevskaya said publication Gazeta.Pl, that the record department of the attack really exists, but there’s no information that described the newspaper Dziennik. In addition, special services in connection with this publication decided to ask the prosecutor to accuse the newspaper of trying to disclosure of professional secrecy, according to NEWSru.

However, Dziennik published a startling detail: after the first stage of automatic weapons, distributed near the motorcade of the two Presidents, the Georgian guards did not react, and the Georgian President Saakashvili was smiling, allegedly said. Suspicious for intelligence analysts appeared, and the fact that the motorcade in front of the Georgian authorities to let the bus with the press, that journalists were the first at the scene.

In addition we can not take into account the statement of the correspondent of one of the Polish Radio, was present at the scene at the time of shooting. A column of several dozen cars, which included a one car drove Lech Kaczynski and Saakashvili was very disorganized, showed reporter Krzysztof Zasada. In this case, according to him, the car with the protection of the Polish secret services Kaczynski Office of Government had been cut off by the Georgian special forces from the car the President of Poland and drove her only fifth.

Special offer for Mercedes-Benz cars

Company DaimlerChrysler Automotive Russia “offers special conditions for the purchase of the E-class cars.

In the period until December 15, 2007 customers can purchase cars Mercedes-Benz E-Class (except E 200 K, and E230) at a special rate EUR 1 = 30 rubles.

Thus, acquiring, for example, a car E2804Matic in the “Special Editions”, which cost under a special euro to $ 1.929.000,00 rubles, the client gets the advantage 321.500,00 rubles.

Together with the company, “DaimlerChrysler Bank Rus” was also a special program “Mrecedes-Benz Credit: E-Class. 0%. When buying a car E-class, with the exception of E 200 K and E 230, a loan or lease in accordance with this program the interest rate will be 0%. The initial contribution, thus, can vary from 10 to 50%, and the term of the loan – from 36 to 60 months.

Updated E-Class hit the market in June 2006. Among the advantages of this car even more dynamic concept, a number of promising innovative solutions and more rich standard equipment. Mercedes-Benz offers the most extensive and diverse program model in this segment.

Until December 15, 2007, we also offer special terms for the purchase of cars Mercedes-Benz C350 cars and CLS-, CLK-and R-classes.

Booking a car for all the special programs can be up to 15 December 2007 at all authorized dealers Mercedes-Benz. Number of cars on the motion is limited.


“NASYAKU / 2011 / directed by S. Weiss

And who now say that the fans do not know how to shoot action, holding in suspense until the last second? Absolutely unknown, anonymous and non-professional studio Argentum Norris, stay within budget, perhaps, a little over 10 thousand dollars, took the picture, which is destined, it seems, to become a cult in our country. Well, first things first.

Watch a movie, of course, is the feeling that everything is already somewhere saw it to pieces. The first thing that pops into his head – “Royal Rumble” with Takeshi Kitano. Only the Japanese children are killing each other and the teacher, and here the teacher is killing children in polurazvalinah HZB – Hovrinskoy abandoned hospital. Then comes to mind another – Bah! Yes this is a memorable “Predator.” Only the Americans Predator was one, but two of them here: daffy on computer games and hate to the children and teacher commando, povedshy to revel in HZB. And he opposes shkolota headed Syutoy, fifteen lolitkoy, which bears little resemblance to Arnold Schwarzenegger (just in case, we will show her breasts naked, pecs Schwartz is clearly more than what we see there).

The film was made now fashionable way – the hero would be like a video camera, to which everything is removed. Jerks, throwing the focus nevystroenny light. It seems that the studio just saved on the operator. But at the same time and at a decent camera. But it gives an amazing effect, it seems that you, the viewer – the third, followed by a pair of murderers.

The authors do not care about a certain absurdity in detail. In the hands of the heroes – “Vintorez (zachem!?) With sniper scopes and flashlights, the plot of the main hunting slum HZB held at night, but a regular camera shows us images” in Tarkovsky – tiled floor, water, syringes, spreading blood once victim. Naturally, everything is illuminated entirely by natural light. Tarkovsky generally abused – read the Scriptures, Bach twist to the place and out of place. A parallel is frank Doom. Teacher and commando methodically sanded floor by floor. Somewhere they will faynl boss and the transition to the next level.

As expected, the director of carefully slips a young Satanists, crucified a cat, the Diggers, lured day and night, drug addicts, teenagers, thrown to glitches with Vintorez “with pieces of reinforcement and concrete. All die. Where blunder teacher, it corrects commando. At the same time he commented on slips of his ward and advised next time to go to landfill – to hunt for the homeless. Cynicism commando general constantly grates on the ear, soldafonskie jokes, interspersed with memories, “but we Chechnya…”.

In principle, the film could be just that, and limit. Fans of “shooters” certainly would put him on the shelf. But morning comes, and all levels have not yet cleaned. And wakes Syutayev with their school buddies. They HZB own. Here, their home. And they guarded him. And then this thing around and killed by a stray bullet beloved Syuty – Archie.

Survey and conducted here, as if all rents a cheap video camera, if not digital “soap box”. Sometimes the frame is out of the corner surveillance, although from a HZB surveillance. But the effect of the presence creates tremendous. In the clash of child and adult world, of course, must defeat the good. Welcome to our young, with his fists, fragments of glass bottles, and chunks of crumbled concrete. Sometimes, even good pulls a knife. To cut up and hide it back. And evil, as the viewer remembers with spetsnaz Vintorez and unlimited ammo. Well, as without it. It seems to store the entire movie killer I have only 1-2 times.

Young heroes in the camcorder tell their morale. “In this world that we would – no,” “We Are Together”, “Dying is only the young” well and list goes on. All this is contrasted with the cynicism and unbelief two adults broke into the teenage world. For the latter – a hell of entertainment, but for the first – a chance to prove they are worth something in this world and something could change.

And indeed, we see – as shown to help, desperate courage and combat savvy. It is unlikely that this is a consequence of lessons CWP, especially because of their long gone. Syutayev and friends, recovering from the shock caused by an abundance of dead bodies around, developing a plan to arm themselves with anything and… In short, all die. Furthermore Syuty.

The film is called “Nasyaku. “Nasyaka” – is rape in the local lingo. “Nasyaku”, according to the film, “violence” in general. And violence is generously scattered through all 96 minutes of tape. Where not killed by a bullet, there are cut out skull butt or drive the iron armaturinu in the stomach. All this tasteful, with blood dripping into the water outweigh the corpses over the sill and panic attacks among potential victims. But at the same time read a quote from scripture – “Thou shalt not kill.” You have to understand, for contrast.

Sex is almost there. There is only one scene “nasyaki” thrown killers on the road. Three some scum, whether Gopnik, or cops, mock girl-kid, but all of them waiting for a fair shot the teacher. The girl too.

Retell the story will no longer be. It is clear that in the final waiting for us the battle between Syutoy and teacher. Commando finds his latest elevator shaft, friends dying, will give important tips Syute – how to continue to live as quickly stir Torquay “hair dryer” and how to die with dignity if that.

And then, exactly on the “Predator”, only instead of an atomic explosion of hellish hours the Predator just falls apart into pieces and disappears under the water damn HZB. Syutayev survived or not – we did not know. The camcorder, which was filmed, was over the charge in the battery. As it says the latest titles.

In conclusion, we say that the film is doomed to become a cult classic among teenagers and their teachers. The first, last, realize that you can not live in vain and if you’re lucky, you can do socially useful work, while the latter – that justice still exists somewhere and is waiting for the inevitable retaliation shkolotu. Separately, we note clearly and beautifully drawn sulky HZB world – a world of teenage apocalypse. Worthless, meaningless and therefore attractive.

The King of Spain successfully underwent surgery for prosthetic knee

Madrid Hospital San Jose, received its name in honor of St. Joseph stand siege reporters hundreds of publications. The local surgeons successfully performed the prosthetic knee to the King of Spain Juan Carlos I, who on Jan. 5, 2011 the first celebrated in 1973. When asked about the well-being, His Majesty replied: “I feel awful,” speaking of hyper-media attention.

According to official data, surgical prosthetics Velichesktvu his right knee last more than one and a half hours (una intervencion para implantarle una protesis en su rodilla derecha). Epidural anesthesia has allowed the monarch to have surgery and it is easy to feel good after it. And yet today – tomorrow ill have to spend in the clinic under the supervision of doctors. After this, Don Juan Carlos will require a phased rehabilitation in physiotherapy. This was reported by the clinic chief doctor San Jose.

For medical advice the monarch addressed because of the pain, which were a consequence of long-standing injury in sports. Recently, she prevented him from keeping physically active, without which long-time sports fan who has not for years a good fitness, it was difficult to manage.

Absurd rumors that the King has acquired health issue, have launched a year ago, after last May from the lung of the same patient’s tumor was removed, fortunately, not malignant. At that time the head of the Royal House polnedeli spent in hospital and almost two weeks in rehabilitation at a private clinic in Barcelona. According to the press service for the throne, by the autumn of that year, His Majesty has fully recovered after surgery.

On Sunday, the monarch visited by Queen Sofia, Crown Prince Felipe with Princess Leticia, Princess Elena, and Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

King of Spain was born January 5, 1938 in Rome, where the royal family while living in exile. Head of State he was on Nov. 22, 1975, exactly two days after the death of dictator Francisco Franco, who has proclaimed Juan Carlos I as his successor.

Restaurant Esperanto, Stockholm

Stockholm recent years, the city covered by a boom in restaurant – opens a lot of institutions, some of them were awarded Michelin stars. We were in the Esperanto one star at a dinner… It was the most striking impression from the trip and generally one of the most interesting restaurants, where I was. The restaurant opened in 2005 and located in a former theater.

Dinner at our hotel was named either for eight, or nine in the evening on the day of arrival. It was a little wrong – come sooner, because dinner is quite long, well, do not be so tired, yet what we were after the flight and a day in the city. Frankly, after walking around Stockholm we went to the hotel to rest and change clothes… So here’s how it was reluctant to get out from under the covers! But I’m glad we overcame himself, and for dinner yet arrived.

The idea of?? Esperanto is, if you believe the google-translator from Swedish (the site that is no button English, then I do not see it), creating a restaurant with uncompromising cuisine, excellent service and inspiration is drawn from the environment. The restaurant is owned by two chiefs, Sayan Isaksson and Daniel Hoglander, the first of which is one of the winners Seven Sushi Samurai in 2009, the competition’s best chefs of Japanese cuisine. Star from the guide Michellin Restaurant received in 2007.

The name is taken from the book by Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist, “where he describes esperatno – the language of the universe (again, if you believe the translation from Swedish). The team that created the restaurant, like the kitchen it was characterized as international, as fusion, without clear boundaries like “it’s from Italy,” is from Japan. ” Next comrades find an investor and opened a restaurant in the lobby of the former theater. Kitchen on site restaurant is described as romantic, surreal, and with natural cues. In the selection of drinks and ingredients exercised great caution, however, resulted in guests are surprised by unexpected and delicately balanced combinations.

The restaurant I liked everything.

First, the supreme mastery of chefs and their teams. The whole evening, I wondered, how do experience and imagination needed to possess to make ice cream with oyster fin-de-claire, makaruny with cream of moray eels and muffins from the blood and beets. How to skillfully master technology to make the scope of the finest white chocolate, which explode in the language of apple juice? Or serve seafood, which amount to condition directly on the table with dry ice?

Second, is the perfect service – the waiters warning, excellent simultaneous filing, comprehensive and focused comments dishes, an excellent sommelier. This dinner – as a performance in which skills of actors – in this case, the waiters, it is important to not less than the plot – in this case yourself dishes.

Thirdly, it is interesting delivery – many dishes are served in small glass tiles that are similar to those used in laboratories, even if the dish is served on an ordinary plate, it represents not only taste but also the architectural composition.

In this case, the restaurant interior is simple music – God forbid – no sound, just click the shutter when the guests do not stand up and begin to shoot what they will eat. Tables quite a bit. Restaurant works only on a fixed menu at a time when we were, there were two. Can choose different – we chose that contains the maximum number of dishes. Menu built masterfully – from salty to sweet, from the fish meat, compliments of the chef that chain is not interrupted, but only a supplement. Total was 7 innings, included in the menu, and even, perhaps, five of compliments from the chef or if you prefer, intermezzo. In a restaurant have to go with a notebook and pen, I realized, because to eat, drink, shoot and record in aypad simultaneously very difficult. And do not write the details be-forgotten.

For all the allusions to internationality, with all these mixes a wide variety of products and ways of feeding, despite the fact that the Internet cuisine is defined as a mix of Japanese and South-European, I’d like to think that the menu that we chose, it was still a Swedish, with typical local products – fish, shrimp, meat. Unfortunately, we could not have to overpower any cheese or dessert – the day was so rich that after two glasses of wine is very sleepy.

And of course this story is not about food. There are restaurants in which you come, they have one, two or three stars, but it’s about food. Delicious, perfect, amazing – but it’s food. In Esperanto it is not food, it’s kind of parallel reality, despite the fact that all magically delicious, even the baked fish skin and muffins from the blood. A good cook – it’s skill, know products and cuisine of the world so that from conventional foods to receive what is obtained in Esperanto – it’s art, I guess.

At the restaurant I made such an impression because we usually choose to visit more places in life, not in terms of price, or stars, but in terms of food, because we value in food importantly – food. Esperanto was a random choice, we were there only because they have Mathias Dahlgren, two star of the local chief, the tables were not. And they went out in the end so that the Esperanto for us now – it’s a definite must visit in Stockholm, if we suddenly find ourselves once again in town, be sure to go there again.

Who protects the contract?

You decide to buy or sell an apartment. If you do this through a company, then you must ask to sign the contract. Let’s look at why this is neobhodimo. Dogovor – an agreement the parties made in writing. He secured the signatures of the parties and the seal of the legal person. “Agree to accept the agreement of two or more persons to establish, change or terminate civil rights and obligations” (Article 420 paragraph 1 of Chapter 27 of the Civil Code).

From the beginning, communication with the customer need the greatest care to understand what exactly he needs to question how he came. Only after the company soberly assess the needs and opportunities it offers to choose the level of services it needs.

Listen, do not require any contracts. Trust me!

For example, if a customer has ordered service search and selection of the property at the indicated parameters, it will only search and selection. If a customer decides to order more preparation and organization of the transaction, in this case, agents will engage not only in search, selection and displays a certain number of contract options for satisfying the customer, but also the preparation and organization of all phases of the deal to its logical end. Customer may order another, and legal services. In this case, the execution of the contract in addition to connect a lawyer who conducts an exhaustive analysis of documents and makes recommendations accordingly.

It is very important to understand that the treaty – a document which recorded in writing the rights and obligations of the parties. Contract signed and sealed – it is legally significant document, which can protect their rights if they were violated by the other party of the contract. When a client accesses a “black brokers” such a possibility oral agreement does not provide.

The agreement is signed not only to regulate the action when everything goes “like clockwork.” As the saying goes, “life happens, even what in life does not happen.” That is, the contract should contain terms and procedures of the parties in case of failure of the result to which the parties hoped to at signing. It is important that all these circumstances have been prescribed in detail and shown properly, literate language. Links to articles of laws and articles of the Code does not really overload the text of the treaty, but only make it a practical tool for establishing the statutory options for the relationship of the parties contract for any new developments.

Has recently been transmitted on TV, when the company sold are not very “clean” apartment, and it takes the court. And the company refused to compensate its cost. Who is right? Immovable property, works with any real estate agency, as a rule, are not owned by the agency. The company may not engage in its exclusion, because they do not have the right and opportunity to do so. Real estate agency can only have only a statutory range of services to the buyer or seller, depending on who signed the contract for their provision. That being said, it becomes abundantly clear that real estate companies do not a priori be entitled, and, therefore, able to bear full responsibility for the so-called “clean apartment.” For everything related to the apartment, by law the seller is responsible – the owner of the dwelling. Another thing is that the agency for participants in the transaction must always do what is in his power – among other things, reduce risks by providing all the accurate information, which owns it. Moreover: even liability insurance of Realtors – a special kind of insurance that provides compensation for damage to the client as a result of improperly provided real estate services.

Is there a contract necessary and desirable items? They say that the more the volume of the treaty text, so it is dangerous. Like, it is easier to hide various subtleties. Let’s face it. If real estate companies have long worked in the market, has a steady current unblemished reputation, there are no “nuances” or “stupid” in a contract with the client is not and can not be. But if the company is working “without a week of the year” if the main objective – “to cut down some money and lie down on the bottom,” then no value the amount of text does not. Swindlers want you, I’m sorry, “throw” – will still try to do it. Always in such cases is necessary to keep “eyes open”.

Now for the legal purity apartment. Does it flow into the contract? And what is the responsibility of the company, when suddenly something goes wrong? As in any other treaty, the re ¬ contracts with real estate companies are not only subject the rights and responsibilities, but also the responsibility of the parties and order of settlement. It is necessary that the duties as the Agency and the client had a clearly defined deadlines. The agreement may include, for example, an order to receive information from real estate agents to obtain a legal opinion or to ¬ additional documents that are not directly prescribed by law as binding for a deal, but for a legal analysis and making policy decisions, they are extremely important.

Undoubtedly the work of the company must be insured, because it increases its reliability. Any certified company is required to insure their liability. Therefore, if it has a quality certificate, her business is insured and the beneficiary of such insurance always serves the customer. And if the court at the suit of a client decides agency responsible, the insurance company pays the customer the amount of damage.

White Tea & Health

White tea is considered the most expensive varieties of tea, and it is not surprising. Because white tea is one of the most useful. It provides maximum nutrients and vitamins, thanks to special treatment in its manufacture. He is a useful substance to a much greater extent than other types of tea.

White tea is the minimum procedure for drying, and this makes it extremely useful. During the drying of all nutrients remain in the beverage quality.

White tea its name derives from the silvery villous on the kidneys and the back side of the leaves that remain after treatment. Other types of teas in fermentation process of twisting and lose these delicate hairs.

White tea does not go through the stage of rolling and therefore is considered the most natural kind of tea. When brewing is light shades, clear brew, floral scent that is felt only during use.

White tea requires very careful handling. If you bought an expensive and a good product, try to brew properly, ie so as to preserve the maximum benefit and get the most pleasure from the drink. For brewing white tea, use water at a temperature of 50 to 70 degrees Celsius.

White teas, regardless of class bring many benefits to the body. He is rich in antioxidants, which slow down the aging process and prevents cancer.

How important to carefully conduct training diary?

Have you asked yourself the question, we need a training diary? Why did they behave?

In this article we will try to explain the importance of a careful diary.

Why do I need training diary that would later brag to his grandchildren? or may be very old age to look back and see how much was just picked up and how many repetitions were done for all my life, it’s certainly a good option but still need to get a diary and a visual form of progress in training.

What do I need to write in a diary?

It goes without saying that you need to record phone numbers of all the beautiful girls from your fitness center (girls, too, sometimes record telephone guys), but if you come to the gym to get results, then it is better to write:

1. All the exercises that were performed during exercise

2. Complication in these exercises

3. Number made of sets and reps

Why do it?

The answer appears by itself: we need to know what kind of exercise we need to be done on the next workout, and how much will dovesit in grams. Why will add weight in grams, we describe below.

Nude Theory? Or is it a proven method sets the mass and force?

There is a theory that if at each subsequent training session to take a little more weight (300-500 grams) than the previous one – it will regularly add strength and muscle mass. The organism is so constituted that always adapts to everything, so it will be a load, but the main thing here is not to overdo it, so the weight should be dosed in grams. Coming each time to practice just need to take a little more weight even if not fully recovered from last time.

There is such a thing as muscle memory

You’ve heard of muscle memory?. Many athletes believe that the muscle has a better memory than even the brain?!?!?!?!. You may not remember what they did last time to workout 4 sets of 70-75-80-90, while your muscles all remember, and a diary, we’re also not in vain!

What really remember the muscles? Have you studied research scientists on muscle memory? Imagine you imagine what I mean when we say “muscle memory”?

Muscles remember one workout? Whether they remember, you climb a mountain, or the memory is not included outside of the gym? How long muscles retain information?

Issues of this plan very much, but until definitive answers yet.

We now turn from theory to practice.

Assume that the muscle memory remembers loading up to 1 kilogram. And you have a training diary.

Practical way to prove what would have been progress in bodybuilding need to constantly “shocking” your muscles are doing every time something new, change the exercises and techniques for their implementation, etc. At this training you are trained chest and triceps are doing a certain set of exercises, and a week later you have to change something. Here the question arises: how can we use the figures recorded last workout? After all, we’re changing all the time that it therefore violated alternate exercises. Each new exercise takes strength to the next.

Here there are several ways out of the situation

1. Each training session to perform the same exercise and burn approaches / Encumbrances, and, accordingly, we will be able to hang on grams

2. Change the exercise, each time doing something new and record them, but there is no need to record encumbrances / approaches

3. Generally abandon the idea of?? the diary, but just remember everything.

Have you ever wondered why the most experienced athletes are not visible in the hands of the training diary? They are all so memorable? None. They remember about exercise and weight loss. Phones girls they too need not remember because the girls call themselves!


If a passing glance at it, how many vacancies are placed real estate agency in Moscow at the core portals, and then compare it with the number of the summary, it becomes clear – in the real estate environment lyutuet present staff shortage. It emerged not from scratch, and even yesterday. Large and small companies trying to compete among themselves for the favor of applicants, but when you start to analyze the list of duties, it appears that full advantage is reduced only to the location of the office. What generally happens here? Why realtor profession has ceased to be attractive? Who are real estate agency has seen in his interview a year ago, and who comes today? Well, etc. Right now and find out…

A professional broker for the uninitiated citizens always seemed kind of vague silhouette moving in the same currency that he created a blizzard. Many people, from afar looking at this mysterious blackish shade, too, would like to join the unknown. Understandably, 80% of them were disappointed – in fact, came out dull, malopredskazuemo not say that strongly profitable. But do not forget that the country is then twisted in a terrible uncertainty, many professions have been simple and austere destroyed, and a single point of application of knowledge and skills were hitherto unknown degree, including the realtor.

That’s how real estate agents receive in your home state of former teachers, trade unionists, military retirees and adventurers with various muddy fox eyes without a distinct past. Noted, however, that these people were all the same for the most part formed, broken lives and without unnecessary illusions. It is they who have created a “skeleton” of the market of Realtors, which after naroslo new zhirnovatoe meat. The money earned while not a better example of today, why the people went for a walk of fame brokerage nourishing life.

Illusions dispelled not say that fast, but quite soon – in less than 10 years. Many became clear that rieltorstvo in the current sense of the word – not just a sweet and anxious waiting for the arrival of a trusting client, and a constant feeling of a heavy disappointment of what you feel an obsessive alien organisms in the worm. And it turned out (oba-na!) that is absolutely not an easy work: to seek, ring up, run, gluing, to torment friends, sit on a phone alert (tugging on each call), to endure patronizing tone demanding unfamiliar to you idiots who for some reason seems so simple and natural thing to buy an apartment in Moscow for one million rubles.

Newcomers newcomers somewhere else heard stories, as someone once earned with one transaction on your brand new Mercedes and a small dacha in the suburbs, and because they think that if permanently and powerfully “plow”, a similar result will not long to wait. Faced fantastic delusions, they’re mad motivation shaken the market people and apartments.

It is believed that if you work as it should, and always dig in the same place, the result will not take long – there will be money, customers and recommendations. But for some reason no one can derive an exact formula when it is waiting for the above and to what extent? Although one thing is for sure – good luck and minimal client traffic are necessary.

Who is trying to get a job in estate agency? Different people. For the most part women aged under and over 40, as well as the crazy youngsters after college. Well, there are still rare exceptions – the ex-agents from other cities, the last survival school in the regions.

Represent yourself in the place of mature woman who lost her old job and a new one, with good and, most importantly, a stable salary it does not take, because there is a preference for girls only to 30. Where to go? Many of these go to the Realtors.

A typical example – a lady 39 years old. By education veterinary assistant. Itself from Bryansk, settled with relatives in their empty apartment with her husband. Husband has found himself an engineer at work in Khimki, and she now decided to try to go to a real estate agency. The life of a provincial town in the Bryansk region – not sugar.

But what it actually end? It was not well. On a normal job here it can not count, Moscow, and without it will cost is fine. Really do not know how to do. Being an office manager is not suitable, there are required young girls, nogastye, sisyastuyu, and pay little. Relatives, they are now still good, and after half a year from their apartment with her husband asked. This means that housing will be forced to shoot, but then the money “to live” does not remain. And she will have a retreat back to their village, or stick two or three works in combination for 12 hours a day.

How many people need money for a normal life? A life in the capital of the world? Now count up. Suppose that the applicant – this is from out of town character, who came “to conquer” a bustling metropolis. Did not come with empty pockets, but knowing that a couple of months of salary will not be. So:

1) Housing. Remove prostetskuyu room in a communal on the outskirts will rise about 12 thousand per month.

2) Transportation. Travel by metro 05.03 per month. Minibuses forget, you need to walk more, nothing cellulite hatching.

3) Food. Based on the fact that the feed should still normal, it will draw on 400 rubles a day (a business lunch in the cafe, well, both simple breakfast with dinner), ie 12, 000 per month.

4) Communication. Unlimited tariff for “distorting” the numbers – it is 2000 per month. Plus the Internet from home – 500 rubles.

5) Entertainment. If you do not see anything other than an office chair for several weeks, then the desperation of the head off you could put into the pot. It is desirable to go to the movies and eat ice cream there. Put on it for about 1-2 thousand a month.

6) Clothing. Tights do not last forever, often torn. Footwear is also not cheap. Even if you take everything with a substantial discount on the Sino-vetnamskih markets – is still at least 1 sput.

Total: 12 3.5 12 2.5 2 +1 = 33000. Monthly.

And we still do not talk about the vacation (the standard 2-week check-in Egypt, once a year) – an average of 4, 000 per month. And if you dream about a car or simply to not live in a communal, and in some rented apartment?

In short, to the newcomer, “conqueror,” more or less tolerable existence in Moscow to earn no less than 50 thousand rubles. No one today such as salaries for beginners does not offer, unless you’re overvalued oil and gas industry or a computer genius. Meanwhile, time is flying fast and take it with the accumulation of not less rapidly running out. And gradually, along with the insidious thoughts of “what to do?” Creeping panic.

Agent (theoretically) can start to earn such money on a regular basis somewhere in 4 months after his arrival in the real estate agency. And it is not a fact. Again, not a fact that on a regular basis. Ie for some uniques and 100 sput / month is not the limit, but how many? 2-3% of total?

You can, of course, more to minimize the expenditure side, but why then was to come here? To live from hand to mouth, eating only “Doshirakom, gluing soles falling off and darn socks? So it can be done at home.

But when you live here with their parents or husband supports / feeds – it is quite another matter. Time for self-realization is, of hunger podohnesh, from the house nobody throws. But the motivation is not so wild. Although, truth be told, less stress, too.

In general, if we expand the above figures to estimate the time required to achieve them, and knowing what it represents today, our work, it becomes clear why people are not real estate companies was breaking in an interview. It turns out that people come into the profession or out of desperation, or from ignorance. It’s no wonder that by 1000 vacancy in the presence of only a couple hundred resumes. We have, incidentally, many of the “honored” has long advocated the “purification of the series, so here is what it is. Evolution, you know.

The effect of dual power in the forecourt

Feel and Muscovites and visitors to the capital

The solution of the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin transfer station square in the capital leasing company “Russian Railways (RZD) on the one hand, it seems logical, but on the other – is wary of specialists of the analytical center” Real Estate Market Indicators. ” While the public was not informed in what form and under what conditions will this deal. But on its shape and details will depend on many things that affect not only the distribution of financial flows among the powers that be. ”

How can this situation to divide the powers of city authorities and Railways, how to organize life on the forecourt – it Muscovites and visitors quickly feel at their own purses, and even to some extent possible, their fur.

Prepare the documents by July 1

Are pre-leasing of Railways forecourt news agency and other media pose briefly for lack of details. Per se as it is not. Although their program of reconstruction was developed prior to 2008, with the former Moscow administration (see, for example, an article from 08/18/2009 “How has the crisis in the reconstruction of the station square). True, the earlier emphasis on the construction of large shopping malls, and now – for the construction of parking lots and the improvement of transport accessibility, in line with the main political line of the new mayor.

Date – July 1, to which, as the chief architect of Moscow Alexander Kuzmin reported to the mayor, city officials are ready to transfer all the documents – did not emerge out of nowhere. By this time the deadline for many of lease agreements of trade and services, which are located on the forecourt. Accordingly, on the landlord, apparently, will be performing Railways, and that review all contracts.

Sobyanin need to expedite this process to Railways in parallel to deal with landscaping. Indeed, the problem of restoring order at the stations have not gone anywhere. Railway stations in Moscow are perhaps the most dirty place. And the release stations – at least in part – from tramps and vagabonds obviously would not hurt.

There are other areas of “improvement”. In what ways it can evolve? You can think about.

Improvement of appearance

Repair the buildings themselves stations, most likely after the conclusion of the lease will be on the budget Railways. This kind of financial gain for the budget of Moscow, but it is unclear to what extent and in what time frame the railway will carry out work. It is clear that the Leningrad station they have to keep in order, but it is already practiced by more than 10 years.

The fate of neighboring Yaroslavl and Kazan pitiable – they are relatives and friends of senior officials come less often. And if from Yaroslavl (just outside Leningrad), beggars and fortune-tellers police chase, then from Kazan – through time. And the piles of garbage at the Kazan characterized as compared to the relative purity of Leningrad.

Railways unlikely to be broken down into the station square flower beds – the space needed for other purposes.

Petty trade

Stalls and kiosks are the subject of constant irritation Mayor Sobyanin. They are not an organic part of the architectural building, around the fruit dirt and debris… Good reasons for irritation are numerous and clear.

But there is a second aspect of the case. Can be thought (or real, if someone wants to be sure) experiment. Enter the building Leningrad station, walk into any of the shops inside the waiting room and buy… Anything: a bottle of mineral water or a can of beer – all the same. Then go to the square, turn right and pass under a railway bridge and buy the same goods at a stall on the corner. It can hardly be much mistaken, suggesting that the difference in price will be at least 20%.

Do not think that the owners of kiosks at stations such greedy: just in the cost of the goods they have laid the increased rental. And do not rule out that the rate of profit from the sale of each item is even smaller than in the usual place, believe in But the turnover at the station is much higher than on the street, but revenue from the rental of retail space for rent to more than usual.

Now, all areas will be fully controlled by RZD. It is reasonable to assume that the cost of repairing the facades stations corporation wants to make up for the expense of leasing new retail space on the rather big price.

An analogy with the airports, especially international: any product there is a two or even seven or eight times more expensive than in town. Buy here or Ride for 20 miles to Moscow. When the surrender of all commercial areas at stations will monitor the Railways alone may have more work antimonopolschikov. Although the trade in the last airports attention to something not pay.


On examination last week, the mayor of Kiev station reported the reconstruction project. Particular attention is paid to the mayor of the security sector.

“You have to buy modern surveillance systems, to put them up here (in building) and outside, equip the inspection zone, a special look-up (rooms), explosive detection system”, – said Sobyanin (quoted by Interfax “).

According to him, if the Railways does not decide the territories that serve line departments of police, security here will provide the city by private security, “Interfax”.

What lies behind this vague wording – is unclear. But the dual power protection order is already assumed.

Taxis and other transport

Dominance of the “bomb” at the stations compared to the “official” taxi, which was unhappy with the mayor Sobyanin, also overnight, not eliminated. So far, struggling with this problem sporadically. Unified control over an area of?? Railways (with barriers and pay the entrance) are unlikely to bear fruit without the political will of the city authorities.

For comparison: Again an analogy with the airports. Even the “official” taxis, which meet passenger demand, prefer to park at the entrance to the airport. And already then, when the customer receives the luggage and call that he was ready to go, quickly drive up to the terminal and take it to stay within the allotted free time spent at the airport.

The same is to be seen and around railway stations. But if the airfield at the sides of access roads awaiting machines do not create any problems for the motion, it is possible to imagine a tube into the nearby train stations to the three streets, unless the Komsomolskaya Square will be closed to free entry.

Will there be enough political will to city and law enforcement bodies every day (not raid) to deal with illegal parking on nearby streets? So far, all the mayor’s declaration reflected in reality only on Tverskaya Street, and then only briefly. (Read more about transport and parking problems in the articles “An additional 300 miles of roads in Moscow”, “Jam”: political will is needed not only in urban development “,” Political will and high price parking freed Moscow from the traffic jams “and” Moscow calls for a balance between shortfalls “and” brute force “parking”).

It should be noted that the station itself fenced areas plugs will not. Railways will be tightly controlled to pay for visits to their territory on wheels. But problems remain in the adjacent jurisdiction of the Moscow authorities, noted in


Money does not cure the disease itself, but only change its symptoms.

John Steinbeck

Is another foreign exchange crisis, reminiscent of the current situation in Belarus, took place in East and South Asia in 1997-1998. First Financial fever broke out in Thailand with the announcement of the devaluation of the Thai baht in June 1997 to 50%, and within a few months a similar economic disease struck Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea. Cheap money, inherited from the state for businesses, credit quality, a high percentage of dollar-denominated loans, the amazing growth of external debt (see Figure 1) – the main symptoms of uniting Belarus in 2011 and East and South Asia in 1997.

Measures taken to protect the national currency (the artificial maintenance of the course) led to speculation in the currency markets and Holiday rate to float freely has led to a sharp depreciation of 50%. For Asian countries has always been characterized by high vulnerability to currency risk, which turned into a hard reality in 1997. Mostly, the countries of South-East Asia followed a tacit reference to the U.S. Dollar, and large cash flows at that time were invested in securities and real estate to multiply money.

In Belarus, a tacit connection also exists, and its lack of exposed already in 2008-2009, when it was an increase in the volume of deposits in dollars from 38% to 49%, so was taken by the government’s policy of dedollarization.

Beginning of the Asian crisis was preceded by a construction boom, but in conjunction with the devaluation of national currencies real estate prices have fallen to an average of 70% -80% in South-East Asia. Least of all suffered in this regard, Hong Kong and Singapore, a bottom in real estate prices occurred in 1999 with the collapse of prices little more than half (50.3% -62.2%, respectively). In addition to real estate is particularly flourished in the countries of Southeast Asia’s stock market, but after 1997, the securities have lost the price of an average of more than 50% – 70%

Within 5 months after the devaluation on the eve of New Year 2009 the price of the real estate market of Belarus have fallen by about 30%, reaching a relative stability (no sudden jumps in prices) at 1.5 years. During this period, were renewed investment projects, construction of residential and nonresidential real estate, in addition began to appear and new facilities. Real Estate in Belarus – the only source of savings of the population, which has funds for its purchase, since the stock market as such can not speak. Now, another devaluation was more than expected, and the dynamics of property prices still slightly, but stirred in the direction of incidence.

In the end, all the crisis processes affected the economies of Southeast Asia as follows: realization of investment projects has been stopped, has increased the number of insolvent loans, which subsequently led to the omission of banks, bankruptcy of companies and increasing unemployment, which is naturally not happy people. Saved the country in Southeast Asia a loan to the International Monetary Fund more than $ 110 billion in tough conditions: sale of foreign companies to the largest banks, the admission of foreign banks in national economies. Too high a price was paid for the struggle with the consequences of the crisis: increasing the refinancing rate, although it contributed to a gradual economic recovery, but it was a brake to further economic growth, “East Asian Tigers. A sharp drop in the national currency, despite all the negative side, provided the increase in exports due to the interest of foreign markets to cheaper goods and services. By 2001, countries in Southeast Asia overcome the crisis and resume growth.

As is known, in 2009, has been isolated in Belarus a loan from the IMF, in terms of which were carried out certain actions: increased refinancing rate devaluation policy of liberalizing the economy, etc. It seemed that the critical moments in the economy has been smoothed. But the currency crisis – is the result of action, and not a phenomenal thing. IMF loan was to improve the condition of the national currency, to reduce the budget deficit, reduce public external and domestic borrowing, and consequently to reduce inflation, unemployment, and transfer payments. The idea is that in connection with these trends, and reduced taxes. But this works provided that there is a good legislative framework, the ability to react quickly and implement economic and other structural reforms. Instead, the same situation arose inability to repay debts (the first payment on the loan the IMF Belarus has to pay in 2012). In such a situation requires a high proportion of mobility and flexibility, from both professional and amateur real estate market. Because conditions of uncertainty reveal these players are capable of taking the actual decisions.

Decisions must be justified. Analytical Service group of companies “Molnar”


Sell glass… An appetizer

Glass – a gift to a friend who drinks. And bites. Glass of the same.

Such glasses can be viewed by and enjoy giving to others. Because these glasses – creative. A creative glass, ideal for the company of other unusual items of kitchen utensils. The main thing – you’ll be in line with international trend. For example, in the UK this year, not trendy sets and prefabricated kits. Special chic is to gather a collection of individual, non-recurring items, but linked by a single style.

Zkusim? That and a glass of…

Edible cups – is the best thing besides drinking can take with them on a picnic. They are made of agar-agar, plant a harmless substance for the production of products such as jelly marmalade. It is also called “vegetarian gelatin.

Edible agar glasses come with flavors of lemon and basil, ginger and peppermint, rosemary and beetroot. If the glasses do not discharge the same to eat, and throw away the habit of bushes, then the bacteria and fungi will eat them with joy for you.

On the Russian market will deliver these chewy cup flavored pickles, sauerkraut and roast meat! Joke!

Glass with swimmers

If you tap water comes out, like a sea, or at least from the chlorinated pool, you can entertain guests the magic glass, in which the usual baby-swimmer. Boy or girl.

If not poured beer and “some… Chi”, the owner of the beer establishment urgently needs to make an unusual gift in the form of a cup with boys peeing or dog. These glasses are manufactured in Germany, where he supposedly know a lot about beer and the fact that it appears on the color, especially when still warm.

If the radioactive waste was poured…

Come with your glass for the correction. So, that reproduces a miniature 55-gallon drums of hazardous isotopes.

Cup of radioactive steam-pack will decorate a sarcophagus sprite and drink manufacturing underground shop on the outskirts of your city. A pitsya of such containers will double the interest.

Oh, and of all colors and energy.

Glass for a vampire

Anatomically correct receptacle in the form of a stylized heart on the idea of?? designer Etienne Menou is used to drinking red wine. Heart made of borosilicate glass: Number of 12 copies, each of which costs 2, 000 dollars.

Default USA.

USA is on the verge of default: is it time to get rid of US dollars? 23 May 06:41

The U.S. Is on the verge of default: – Is it time to get rid of the dollars?

17 May U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told Congress that the public debt limit set by the legislature at $ 14. 294 trillion., Achieved. If Congress and the Senate did not raise the ceiling of U.S. Government debt, then Washington will not be able to fulfill their obligations and be forced to default. Proposal Republicans (political opponents of the president, Democrat Barack Obama), having a majority in the supreme legislative body of the United States, to significantly reduce budget expenditures T. Geithner calls “political games”, because belt-tightening will not give an immediate effect, while a possible default of the U.S. Lead to devastating crises, in comparison with which the recession 2008-2009. Seem innocent childish prank.

Whether real defaulted world’s largest economy? How long the U.S. Can be fed at the expense of the world? Default will only bring economic problems, or more serious?

As analysts had predicted, the U.S. Public debt ceiling was reached May 16. Why did Washington not declare a default, because Congress has not given permission to increase the limit of public debt?

The U.S. Administration has gone on a number of measures to avoid this:

• The Ministry of Finance has ceased to transfer the money into two of the largest pension fund, serving civil servants;

• developed a plan for obtaining the multi-billion loan from the government special fund;

• as a last resort considering selling government property – land, property, etc.

T. Geithner warned Congress that, due to stabilization measures of default can be avoided for 11 weeks, ie until the first of August, the Republicans should think again and give the nod to increase the size of government debt.

(News (or rather rumors) at this hour – 25 May, 2.24 to Moscow:

House Republicans plan debt limit vote aimed at forcing cuts

Los Angeles Times – Lisa Mascaro – 1 hour ago

House Republicans announced Tuesday that they would hold a vote, possibly as soon as next week, to raise the nation’s debt limit without any spending reductions

Republican plan – the vote on the debt limit, without any budget cuts.

Los Angeles Times – 1 hour ago

Republican plan announced Tuesday that they will vote, possibly as early as next week to raise the limit state. Country’s debt without any spending cuts. )

Right there, government officials, accusing the Republican majority in Congress, the political games? Yes, but the political game lead and the Democrats:

• in February Barack Obama unveiled a program to reduce the public debt of U.S. $ 1.1 trillion. Within the next 10 years. But the congressional committee, comprising representatives of both parties, calculated that the budget can be stabilized at less cost at least $ 3.9 trillion.

• According to the Wall Street Journal, as soon as the Republicans will bring to Congress a proposal to reduce the cost of an even greater amount – $ 5.4 trillion.

• House Speaker J. Beyner believes that Obama does not understand (or pretends not to understand) the seriousness of the situation. Participants in the negotiations between Congress and the administration about the decline in government spending have complained that representatives of the president are traded on the “pathetic” hundreds of billions, while it is necessary to conduct a trillion.

Can Republicans zaartachitsya not give permission to raise debt limit? Experts believe such an improbable plot development. But the fact that they are increasingly forced to present a Democrat as president to become more thrifty and start living within our means, obviously.

For all the time after the Second World War, the U.S. Budget was in surplus only during the presidency of Bill Clinton. America used to live in debt and piously believed that the whole world it should. Experts Academy Masterforex-V, typical of the detail: T. Geithner requests to increase the limit for government debt, but not a word is said to increase the payments on existing debts. But by the end of the current fiscal year (September), the U.S. National debt will reach 102.6% of GDP!

States continues parade – the budget deficit in 2010 amounted to 10,5%, while other countries tighten their belts: for example, China, with the second-largest economy in the world and U.S. Government bonds worth more than $ 1 trillion., Already four times in recent years raised the discount rate, reducing inflation to 0.1% – and will continue to do so.

Former IMF chief Strauss-Kahn DA warned that to regain control over the state budget of the U.S. Administration would reduce costs by one third, it is almost impossible: 10-12%% of income for all Americans, in direct subsidies from the state treasury – budget cuts will lead to an immediate drop in domestic demand and GDP, respectively, for these 10-12%%.

Although, Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said recently that Moscow does not care about the absolute number of U.S. Government debt, but worries that the world came to the brink, when no longer able to “digest” U.S. Inflation.

In this case, Washington techniques to control inflation and public debt halloo to one another the world not only in financial terms. Rising food prices, provoked the revolution and unrest in the Arab East – a direct consequence of continuous operation printing press in the U.S. Treasury.

Experts believe that the U.S. Does not threaten the way of Greece, Ireland and Portugal, but the financial policy of the U.S. In the near future, must undergo major changes. If these changes will be in the form of fundamental reform, it is likely that the U.S. Restore its position as the world’s reserve currency.

Editorial Board, together with experts from the Academy of forex and stock trading Masterforex-V is conducting a survey on online traders: whether to wait for a default in the U.S. This year and it time to get rid of the dollars?

Do you need insurance on auto loans?

Program without insurance include higher interest rates on car loans. Currently, there are so many loan programs for buying vehicles. And almost all of them involve different types of insurance, for obvious reasons – to minimize their risks. But there is a fairly large number of people who do not want to insure your car and therefore do not want to take the credit. Therefore, at present several large banks offering auto loans to customers without casco. For example, the Bank “Avangard” was introduced car loan program “Without insurance.

Similar proposals have isolated the market, as this type of lending is risky for both the bank and the borrower. In particular, such proposals on the market can boast of banks: “Avant-garde, VTB-24, MDM Bank, TRUST”, “PSB”, “Russian Standard Bank, Credit Europe Bank. In this regard, as experts believe, in the near future loan “Without insurance” is unlikely to be widely distributed.

“When a bank asks to insure the car, he cares not only about his pledge (in this case the car), and to a greater extent on the client. Situation where there is constructive loss of the vehicle, does not favor the client, who remains without a car, but it must continue to make monthly payments on credit “- explains Michael Nasibullin, head of department of car loans Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

“If you choose the program without insurance, the borrower needs to assess the possibility of repayment, subject to the loss of the collateral, that is, the car – emphasizes Elena Galashova, head of department on work with insurance companies Trust Bank. – And if there are doubts about the possibility to repay the loan itself, it is better to insure the car or in an accredited bank, or, if possible, in other insurance companies, advance carefully consider the proposed terms of insurance. ”

The bank, which provides auto loans without insurance, he tries whenever possible to offset their risks: the program without insurance include higher interest rates on car loans and payments by the borrower down payment. “We give customers the right to refuse purchase of compulsory insurance, with the rate on the loan increases because of the fact that the bank assumes the risk”, – says Sergey Krizko, head of the development of PSB’s loan products.

Insurance athletes participating in competitions

Insurance athletes participating in competitions – a thing not only a status that defines a normal competition, or leftists, but also extremely important for the organizers – because this way they will not accept any responsibility for the health of athletes, as happened – to them will always be a lot of questions safety, competence of judges, etc.

So that the athletes of virtually all disciplines always insure against accidents during races.

From the standpoint of insurance companies – these policies are very safe, because there is virtually 100% of possible insurance fraud.

“After all, not a serious athlete is not going to mock injuries for the insurance, because at stake is his reputation, achievements. In the big sport at the moment distracted – and all you irrevocably bypassed. A frivolous, vagrants athletes typically are not allowed to compete.

“Again, no problems with payments – in any tournament is a team of physicians providing prompt documentation of insured event, well that is injured.

“In addition, insurers are naturally make three times, and sometimes five times cheat on insurance policies against accidents, because everyone understands that the risk of injury in competition than in ordinary life. Athletes in any case must be insured, or they will not be allowed to participate in the tournament, so that no matter how much say – still fork out.

However, of course, not much. After all, rarely match delayed for more than 2 weeks. Since the policy is valid for a brief period – accordingly there is a big discount for the short duration of insurance.

As a result, it appears that the NA-ka for an athlete is well somewhere, maybe a thousand rubles, depending on the sport and the sum insured (well, that is the maximum price the athlete’s health). Naturally, the health of Klitschko, and Sharapova are more expensive than the beginner – but there is another insurance – vip-ovsky, especially for the stars. ))) Although in essence the principles of payment and registration policies for all after the same.

Caramel – a useful treat or furious danger?

Sweet tooth do not realize that not all sweets are harmless.

Caramel, as opposed to chocolate bars and candies, which are considered the elite of sweet peace, has always been cheap and affordable treat. After all, raw materials for their manufacture using the most economical – water, sugar and molasses (a starch, which split the acid and turned into a stretching substance necessary for the retention of water in the candy). Exactly the same ingredients are going to create sweets – for their sweet syrup boiled and poured into molds (which is why professionals call their own discharge caramel). To get the classic caramel with filling, boiled mass is subjected to stretching and the saturation of air, causing it loses its transparency, it becomes softer, porous and becomes a whitish hue (drawn caramel). Unlike hard lollipops that kids bite and injure their gums and teeth, candy with fillings easier to bite and are considered safer. However, to call them useful, too, not treats. They carry a lot of sugar, the excess is a young body can lead to disorders of carbohydrate metabolism, obesity and other problems. So do not buy kilograms sweets for your baby and try to choose the most innocuous variants of chocolates.

Behold… A stuffing

If you want your sweetie does not become a poison to your child, see to it that caramel was creamy-white or brownish (with cocoa powder). If a treat is pink, red or bright yellow, so it made fragrances and dyes that your loved one does not need a daze. However, multi-colored versions of candy are rare. Much more danger awaits inside candy and hides in the filling. By the way, she gets a treat to read. Caramel mass, like a river flowing on the conveyor, and inside it with a hose fed liquid “stuffing.” Then a long sweet loaf with a secret inside is cut into pieces – the resulting mixture closes and prevents the filling escape. Certain types of candy at this stage are ready (for example, “Cervical Cancer”), but most fall under the punch machine, which causes them ribbing, or any other figure.

In Caramel may have different toppings, and not all of them are good for children. The best case can be called classics of the genre – Boiled Fruit puree, which is usually made from apples, plums and apricots, and thus, together with the sweetness of kids get pectins (”Mu-Mu”, “Fairy Tale”). Useful stuffing is easily identified by dark shades and watery consistency.

The recipe to this topic

Homemade candy


“Sugar – 1 cup.

“Orange juice – 1 pc.

“Water – 100 ml

Caramel with nuts, marzipan and chocolate-nut “meat” for children are also good. It is stuffed full of hits such domestic confectionery industry – “Cervical Cancer” and “crow’s feet. By the way, so strange names they have received through pre-revolutionary fantasy of confectioners. At the time of cervical cancers were considered the best delicacy, so sweet with a delicate taste began to carry this proud name. A crow’s feet got its name because of the ribbed surface, like a goose foot.

All other options of fillings are not as harmless as it seems at first glance. For example, caramel liqueur with additives to children’s better not to buy, because they contain alcohol and fragrances that mimic alcohol (”Horse yachnaya”, “liqueur”). Thick and solid dairy supplements is also not recommended because it makes a refractory fat, which does not melt during filling them with hot caramel mass (”Sissy”, “tiramisu”). It easily withstands the temperature of +60? C. This means that our body (the normal rate – 36,6? C) will not sweet fully digest and absorb. Worse, if the fat-dairy beef has a refreshing effect (”Snow”). The fact that it provides the most dangerous kind of flavor – the chemical menthol, a relative of methane.

Appearance candy

If you buy candy for a child from encapsulated with chocolate or colored glaze give up. Natural in such membranes is very small. Chocolate substitute chemical analogs and cocoa powder, bright color create dyes, and foundation – wax-fat mass, which is almost not absorbed by our body. Much better than most ordinary unglazed caramels. Them to keep moisture and look more impressive, they gloss diabetes siropchikom who sprayed onto the bouncing on the line candy.

Moisture – the main enemy

If you have deployed a candy wrapper and candy under it was wet and sticky, this delicacy can cause poisoning. After all, moist environment ideal for the breeding of pathogens. If you do find a lot of sweets in the bag without wrappers or misaligned with the leaked copies of the filling, then the manufacturer shalturil. Also, when buying aware that fruit and berry fillings should not be singed, and thick fat can not be salisty and rancid flavor. This is a sign that confectionery is not in compliance with the production technology, and the seller violates the conditions of storage, holds candy in the heat or moisture. When everything is normal, candy in wrappers can live peacefully under one year.

Perfect for baby caramel

White or creamy white.

Without the glaze.

With the fruit filling.

Correct form, with the closure of the sutures, without a trace of the filling on the surface.


It is easy to bites and chews.

Without alcohol, flavorings and colorings.

Wrapped in two-or three-ply wrapper.

People’s Verdict “Holiday Season 2011″

The People’s Verdict “Holiday Season 2011 Holiday Season in Crimea – is the most ardent and long-awaited period. What will be the holiday season 2011? What kind of guests and what options are going to the peninsula?

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