Everything in the garden: why wealthy individuals invest in agribusiness

Less than a year, Rinat Akhmetov has managed to become one of the largest in Ukraine, the land owners. In 2010, a businessman who buys Mariupol. Illich, agricultural households received utility companies, and over 200 thousand hectares of land. In the SCM will not abandon the agricultural business. Rinat Akhmetov even in 2009, began to show interest in domestic agriculture. Then the company related to SCM, acquired the shares agricultural complex "Slobozhanskiy. The company has always been one of the largest pig farms in Ukraine, although in recent years, his debt grew, and revenues, by contrast, fell (in 2008, they decreased by 40% - to 50.6 million USD, however, the new owners are not scared). Business in the breeding of pigs is very popular among the richest people in Ukraine. "Given the volume and structure of meat consumption in Ukraine, the market for chicken meat will grow moderately, as beef and pork - a faster pace. Since working capital in pig above, in addition, it is more economical in terms of fodder, then this segment will be completed in the first place, "- explains the logic of the business analyst Dmitry Ushenko BG Capital. According to rumors, Firtash invests in Ukrainian black earth. "He wants to create megaholding on 300 thousand hectares, and then sell it to foreign investors" - describe the market. However, as we are assured by experts, to implement such a plan is unlikely to be easy. "Right now, the land bank itself, as it was in 2007-2008, is of little interest to foreigners. They focus on running the business and its ability to generate stable cash flow ", - says Dmitry Ushenko. But the truly successful agro-business in metallurgists very little. Although many of them became owners of orchards, gardens to several thousand hectares of many years ago. "In 2007, the threat of food crisis, saying as often as the good prospects of Ukrainian black earth", - says Sergey Nalivka, director of the consulting agency "AAA." These conversations were always accompanied by a sad statistic. According to forecasts of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, food within the next ten years to rise by 20-50%. Appetites countries - importers of grains grow: constantly increasing procurement, China and India. In this case, the performance of the agricultural sector of Ukraine, according to experts, has huge potential. Sounds very convincing, and for local businessmen and foreign investors, who even in the crisis did not spare the money for Ukrainian agriculture. Public offerings on the market able to reach several domestic agricultural holdings. It was on this wave, many big businessmen, metallurgists engaged in non-core business for yourself from scratch and have been paying him more attention, structuring selhozaktivy. "The market lot of niches. For example, in the south you can grow tomatoes, recycle them into tomato paste for technical needs and to export to Europe, where the products are in great demand. But the businessmen prefer to invest in a clear niche, so their projects are often too short-lived. And this is a very dangerous approach - today the price of goods rise and fall tomorrow, "- says Sergey Infusion. Standard holding in the agricultural sector begins with the consolidation of land, and then - an IPO. In this case, the company usually confined to work in B2B-sector. Holdings grow, for example, corn, and then wait for customers - multinational companies and refiners. But only raw agricultural business model is fraying. In the vanguard of those who are engaged in export or processing of the domestic market. But with its brand on store shelves ventured out one. The entry price for processing is too high, because you need to ensure greater food shelf and a large-scale production. Bet on a vertically integrated business, including the production of the final product made, for example, Boris Kolesnikov (company AIC-Invest ") and Sergei Taruta (Company Bakhmutsky Agrarian Union"). Same situation with exports. Players usually do not even attempt to sell products in foreign markets. Perhaps the evolution of agricultural holdings of the wealthiest people in Ukraine - is only a matter of time. While non-core businesses, farmers far from the food billionaires like George and Andrew Kosyuk Verevskiy. But in any case, the alternate aerodrome as a pig farm is not so bad. Rinat Akhmetov's main assets: Metinvest DTEK FUIB, telecom group Vega, retail network Brusnytsya "Hotel" Donbass Palace "," Opera ", a publishing holding company Segodnya Multimedia, TRK Ukraina and other agricultural assets: Ilyich Agro, Agro-"Slobozhanschina. Land Bank: 225 ha. In 2010, a multidisciplinary group of Rinat Akhmetov, has joined a new business. Together with the Mariupol. Illich businessman got five subsidiary companies Steel Plant, specializing in the production of agricultural products. Subsistence farming metkombinata grew substantially, but the assets were never united under one roof and have not received significant investment. In the JMC decided not to get rid of agricultural enterprises. After all, management experience in this business already - in 2009, the structure associated with the SCM, gained control of the pig agricultural complex "Slobozhanschina. Main Resources Agricultural Complex "Ilyich-Agro concentrated in the Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Cherkasy regions. Enterprises engaged in production of milk, eggs, wool, animal feed, vegetable oil, flour, soft cheeses, grow cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry, cereals. According to some reports, the SCM plan to leave livestock only within the plant "Slobozhanschina. With 20% of the area can be sown sunflower. According to forecasts by Vladimir Boiko, who continues to lead the Mariupol. Illich, already in 2011 for six months will be established agricultural holding. Igor Kolomoisky main assets: Privatbank, Ukrnafta, Ukrtransnafta, Ukrtatnafta, Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant, several power companies, Aerosvit, Dnepravia, Donbassaero, TV channel "1 +1" and other agricultural assets: Private agro-holding. Land Bank: 150 ha. In 2008, the Privat owners began to restructure its agricultural business, creating a Private agro-holding. Agricultural assets Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov bought a long time. In 2005, they owned 15 agricultural enterprises, and four years later - 24. The main areas being developed Private agro-holding, associated with animal husbandry (plant breeds of pigs, sheep, cattle, produce milk and eggs) and crop (wheat, barley, maize, rye, sunflower, soybean and rapeseed). Poroshenko's main assets: a group of companies Ukrprominvest, TV channel "Channel 5". Agricultural assets: starch Agroprodinvest. Land Bank: 83 thousand hectares. Poroshenko not only one of the leading players in domestic confectionery market, but also a major exporter of products. In 2002, the corporation Roshen, to circumvent the trade restrictions in Russia, bought the Lipetsk confectionery factory in Russia. In 2006, its assets were replenished confectionery factory in Klaipeda (Lithuania). Company Agroprodinvest "oversees the activities of agro-industrial concern Ukrprominvest, ensuring the needs of the confectionery trends in raw materials. The holding two sugar factory - Pogrebischensky and Gaysinsky. Key areas of land are in Agroprodinvesta Vinnytsia and Poltava regions. In addition to facilities in the sugar industry, the holding company owns the largest Ukrainian enterprises involved in processing of maize, including the Dnieper starch plant, flour mills. In addition, within the agricultural areas of the company is developing dairy cattle. Sergei Tigipko main assets: the group "TAS". Agricultural assets: RoAgro. Land Bank: 13 thousand hectares. RoAgro - agricultural area of?? investment and financial group "TAS", created by the current Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Tigipko. RoAgro owns lease rights to 17 thousand hectares of land in Kharkiv, Cherkasy, Mykolayiv, Kirovohrad and Vinnitsa regions. A few years ago Tihipko sets ambitious objectives for the company - to increase the land bank of 200 hectares and purchase a few poultry plants. But the return to polit ics prevented the implementation of the plans. In 2009, the businessman had sold 30% of the agricultural business Kinnevik Swedish investment fund for $ 4 million fund has also received an option to increase its stake to 50%. In 2010 RoAgro Myronivsky Hliboproduct sold two businesses, growing crops in the Cherkassy region and controlling 4,5 thousand hectares. At the same time, the company acquired 50% of the agricultural enterprise "Yalanetskoe, located in Vinnitsa region. Its sphere of activity - production and sales of crop and livestock development (production of milk and meat). Boris Kolesnikov's main assets: a group of "Conti". Agricultural assets: APK-Invest. Land Bank: 10 thousand hectares. Vertically integrated business with a closed production cycle - from growing grain and fodder production to production and sales of meat products was set up by Boris Kolesnikov in 2006. During four years of holding out for first place among the fifteen largest pig farms in Ukraine. By the end of 2010, on pig farms APK-Invest contained 100 thousand pigs. According to the company's strategy, by 2015 the companies to combine breeding loudspeaker at 30 thousand sows complex for growing and fattening pigs to 600 thousand units per year, feed mill capacity of 200 tons of animal feed and meat by 52 thousand tons of meat per year ( in 2008, AIC-Invest has commissioned capacity of 160 tons of meat products a day). In addition, the company plans to increase the acreage to 50 hectares. In 2009, the Holding Company has launched its own network of shops "M'yasna Spring. Early last year, APK-Invest has entered into a loan agreement with Ukreximbank 700 million UAH. Sergei Taruta's main assets: the co-owner of Industrial Union of Donbass. Agricultural assets: Bakhmutsky Agrarian Union. Land Bank: insignificant. Co-owners of ISD has been actively developed agribusiness based company Bakhmutsky Agricultural Union, which was created in 1997. Now this is the third largest company in Ukraine in pork production (the year it produced 30 million USD). The company includes the mixed fodder plants, plant breeding and industrial complex in growing and fattening pigs. In addition, the composition Bakhmutsky Agricultural Union includes Dianovskaya poultry. Unlike many other big businessmen, taking up agricultural production, Sergei Taruta built a vertically integrated business. For example, the company "Yug Agro, which produces feed, - the first link in a closed loop, and Gorlovsky meat-packing plant, which produces products for the end user - the last link. Brand, developed by Sergey Taruta - "Schiry godfather." Vadim Novinsky Major assets: Smart-Holding, Balaklava Mine Group, Dnepropress, Kherson Shipyard and other agricultural assets: agricultural holding "Sagra". The land bank: is formed. Smart Holding more than five years developing selhozaktivy but structured business recently - in 2009, creating a holding company Sagra. He united the five companies, including major - pig farms "Kalita Bacon" (produces pork) and horticultural company, "Spring" (cultivated apple). Company Sagra-Nord treated with 4 hectares of land on which grows barley, wheat and corn, completely covering the needs of the feed mill. Among the refineries Smart-Holding - the company "Veres", one of the largest manufacturers of sauces in Ukraine. Several years ago, in Sagra planned to take the grain business, to build a grain elevator with capacity of about 60 tons and the port elevator at 100 thousand tonnes of grain. By 2013, the company's land bank could increase to 200 thousand hectares. But until the company abandoned those plans. Two years ago the management of Smart-Holding said about the possibility of withdrawal of its agricultural division in an IPO in 2010-2011.

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